14 DIY decoration tips to give your living room a new look

living room

Does your living room suit a sophisticated style with a strong presence or a vibrant tropical look? Is it fun and energetic? Does it harmonize with the entire home? The purpose of living is to feel comfortable and happy. The living room is not a museum or an exhibition hall, but a space where people can relax and live their lives as they see fit.

What turns a house into a cozy home? It's life. In addition to fabrics, perfumes, photos, flowers, a few cluttered, old items and a bit of poetry also belong to the unique decoration - interior designer.


The living room is a very important place in the home, the environment is also particularly important, the old living room space will inevitably make the home environment minus points, not only is the loss of the freshness of the time, but also lost the sense of fashion, it is time for a proper transformation, the following tips about living room transformation to share will be a great help for your living room transformation.

1 Suppose the back of the bookcase sticky wallpaper


Don't dare to paint or wallpaper the back of a bookcase? By cutting foam pads or cardboard to the size of the bottom of the bookcase and applying wallpaper or paper products to it, you can quickly transform the bookcase and change it at any time.You can even use wrapping paper and spend less than $10 for such a transformation. The impact of this new backsheet will drive you crazy.

  • Measure the space of each shelf at the back of the bookcase.
  • Cut the foam pad and cardboard into a square, just the size of the back panel against the space of each shelf.
  • Wrap the foam pad or cardboard with wallpaper, woven fabric or wrapping paper, and tape or use a nail gun to securely fasten the backside of the foam pad or cardboard. You can also use spray adhesive to stick the wrapping paper or wallpaper on.

2 Select embossed jute or linen carpet

Textured blanket

Rugs can be used to create a sense of space, and adding a bold pattern to a textured linen rug can be just the thing to wake up your space.

  • Find a short pile linen rug. (Shag carpet is also possible, but some shag carpet pile is too long and thick will be harder to emboss than tighter weave carpet.)
  • Take out the silky latex paint, find out the color you want, and the impression you want.
  • Place the impression on the floor, or in the center, and then use a sponge or flat-tipped foam pen to tap the paint onto the impression.
  • Slowly print on the carpet until the entire surface is covered with the design. You can also print only on each side of the rug.
  • Let the rug dry, and then enjoy the finished product.


The printed areas may fade over time (like a printed doormat), but the subtle signs of age actually look wonderful, like a historic antique rug.

3 Please fill the room with various textures

textures pillow

If every object in the house looks a little flat (all smooth and shiny, or feel rough materials, try to find an object of the opposite material to liven up the atmosphere and give the room a fresh look). If your space as a whole lacks texture, this is a great opportunity for you to add some material: plush faux wool on chairs, a few storage baskets, some natural master blinds and airy curtain racks, or smooth stainless steel side tables.

  • Airy tulle adds a sense of softness.
  • Adding fur pillows is always an interesting choice.
  • Compiled blue brings a natural element.
  • Worn leather feels comfortable.
  • Smooth and modern lamps with sharp lines.

4 Avoiding the trap of matching this with that as they say online

Wooden furniture

By using wood tones as your main color, they create layers and produce what looks like a deliberately arranged effect, so you don't have a space that looks like a cookie cutter model. You can really choose a few darker pieces and pair them with a few brighter, or even painted, pieces. As long as you have 2-3 pieces in the same space with concentrated tones, it will look like a cleverly arranged hierarchy and not like a crazy dorm room (This can happen if every object has the same hue and then only one object jumps out of the main color; or if you don't just repeat a few wood tones, but have ten different wood colors or painted objects in the same space.). The use of home accessories can make the space feel more integrated, such as adding a dark wood frame to a light wood table, or placing a light wood bowl on a dark wood dining table to create a sense of balance.

5 Transform a bar cart with chalkboard paint

bar cart

  • Find a table or bar cart that you already have on hand, or buy one.
  • Paint every surface of the table or cart (except the top).
  • Spray a few thin coats of chalkboard paint on the top surface of the table, follow the instructions on the paint can.
  • When the paint is all dry, you can set things up.

6 Please make the high ceilings lower to create a cozy feeling 

cozy style furniture

If you have a large room with white walls and high ceilings, you can create a paint level threshold to give the room a great two-tone effect by leaving the upper part of the wall white (about 45 cm) and then painting below this "level" to create a cozy effect, because the darker color below the The darker color below the horizontal line will have the effect of enveloping the entire room. You don't need to buy a ladder or build a shelf to paint a particularly high room, but you can also create great boundaries for artwork so that it can be placed more comfortably and doesn't need to be hung as high. Use painters tape to mark out the boundaries and wait until the last coat of paint is painted and removed as soon as possible to account for it, in order to keep that boundary clean.

7 Randomly laying table runners for the table

dining table

We layered an old quilt cover over a white column footer to add color and pattern to the room (and to create some hidden storage space). Any scrap of fabric will do, like a blanket, shower curtain, table runner or a large piece of leftover fabric.

8 Consider a sofa bed

sogeshome sofa bed

Can't find the perfect sofa? Try a sofa bed instead. Not only will you have room to lean, relax and watch TV, but if you have guests staying overnight, it's far more comfortable than lying on a sofa or air mattress! 

Tip: The most complete summary of sofas and sofa beds

9 coffee table change to change

sogeshome coffee table

This affordable table is arguably Sogeshome's signature item and is always fun to transform. Especially because it comes in a variety of different colors. Here are three ways to transform this (or several) particularly inexpensive table from a standard look to a unique one.

Use the table top as a backboard and the corners of the table as a shallow laminate. Let's fix one chair leg at a time and start drilling screws from the back of the table top, trying to drill positioning holes first to make the process of drilling the laminate easier. Be sure to check that each ply is level while drilling. Use the holes already drilled in the back of the table to hang the shelf on the wall, you can use nails or weight-resistant gecko to fix.

  • Two coffee tables turned into headboards

Arrange the two table tops and the four table corners, and then stagger them to arrange them into a headboard suitable for a standard size double bed. Turn the headboard of the lined up bed over and put three sections of 2.5cm x 8cm template across the top, at the top, middle, and bottom respectively. When we lock the boards tightly to the table top and table legs, not only is the headboard fixed and complete, but the three boards also form little ledges that allow you to hang the headboard on the wall. You can also use three coffee tables to make the headboard for a queen size double bed (plus 2-4 table legs for extra stability).

  • Three coffee tables transformed into square bookshelves

Stack up two coffee tables and use the third one as a base. Using a drill bit (try 0.6 cm large), drill holes in the bottom center of the eight chair legs, then insert 5 cm dowels in each hole. Using the same drill bit, drill corresponding holes in the base table top and in one of the tiered table tops. Stack the tables and insert the wooden pegs against the holes in their table tops to ensure that the shelves are secure and strong.

10 Transform an old door panel into a desk, headboard or screen

sogeshome computer desk

  • The door panel can be turned into a desk top. Just add the legs underneath and use the hole in the door handle to store the computer cables.
  •  Hang the door panel on the wall, and turn it into a headboard. (Please use a few large head nails to lock the door panel to the wall, fixed.)

11 Buy at least one of the following classic pieces (or all of them)

sogeshome desk

These pieces go with almost every style of room - and you can't go wrong investing in them in the long run. It is most economical to buy these furniture pieces online and compare prices.

  • Very textured bamboo blinds
  • Parsons work table
  • Round mirror
  • Neutral colored fabric sofa and chairs with sharp lines
  • Dark wood entryway table
  • neutral tone linen or wool carpet

12 Sofa change to change

  • Three brightly colored pillows + a tapestry = charming mix-and-match style
  • Five brightly colored pillows + a tapestry with good texture = pleasant casual style
  • Two delicate pillows + a bolster = balanced roundness

The style you want,  has been selected for you in advance!

13 Don't forget the hallway


You can choose a color to paint the hallway over or hang many picture frames on the hallway walls. You can even add a hallway light, or if you already have a hallway light, consider getting a new one. Or use architectural details like crown molding, cushion trim, decorative panels and siding to add color. The hallway is a transitional space, and you may not want to choose a color for it that doesn't match the surrounding rooms, so bring home paint swatches and compare them one by one to see which colors match the surrounding rooms and add interest to a previously uninteresting hallway.

14 Pay attention to the dark places


Go around the house at night and see which corner or which table to more light, add table lamps or standing lamps to add warm atmosphere and balance (so that it is not a dark corner). If this space can not put down a table lamp or standing lamp, you can hang a wall lamp, hang a ceiling hanging from the ceiling, etc., or ask the plumber to help you install a ceiling chandelier.

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