14 Practical tips to help you choose comfy sofa for your home

Many people pay more attention to the choice of sofa when decorating the house, sofa is an important furniture in the living room, so when choosing a sofa must pay attention to the appearance and quality of the sofa, which can not only enhance the decorative effect of the living room, but also bring convenience to our lives. So how to choose sofas? Learn these 14 tips so you can easily choose a good comfy sofa!

1. Observe the sofa fabric

sofa fabric

When choosing a sofa must observe the fabric of the sofa, try to choose the kind of wear-resistant sofa fabric, you can also choose the kind of waterproof and dirt-resistant. Because the sofa is one of the indispensable items in public areas, and the sofa is also a daily necessity for everyone, there are many people to use it, the sofa surface will inevitably be worn over time, so the wear resistance of the sofa release is particularly important.

Choose dirty fabric because the surface of the sofa will inevitably become dirty after using it for a long time, sofa fabric that is resistant to dirt will reduce a lot of burden for you. Dirt-resistant and wear-resistant sofa fabric will increase the service life of this sofa, and wrinkle-resistant sofa fabric, will reduce the number of times you have to take care of every day.

2. Observe the filling inside the sofa

sofa filling

Older models of sofa fillings will choose high-density sponge layer, and now most of the fillings have been changed to latex layer, latex compared to sponge has many benefits.

First of all, latex is not easy to deformation, good resilience, sponge layer is easy to wear collapse, the use of a long time sofa will collapse down. In addition, latex is more clean and hygienic than sponge, sponge ground structure makes it easy to hide dirt and easy to breed bacteria, latex service life longer than sponge and clean guard, no odor.

3. Check sofa frame

sofa frame

When choosing a sofa must check its frame, the frame determines the sofa is good or bad, but also determine his price. Frame must choose solid wood frame, must not choose the fabric mixed with wood panels inside, that the sofa load-bearing capacity is weak and the structure is not stable. In addition, the sofa solid wood must choose mold and moth resistant.

4. Test firmness

firmness of sofa

A high quality sofa must be stable and dependable. You can pat around with your hand on the sofa, you can also lift the corner of the sofa to try to shake, if you feel more loose, or very easy to lift, then you can directly pass.

In addition to observe its material, it is best to oak, elm, poplar and other solid wood production, or high-quality hardwood plywood.

5. Check the cushions

sofa cushions

Most of the sofa cushions have pu foam inside, the greater the density, the heavier, the more durable the cushion. Cheap cushions inside only pu foam, better cushions inside will use polyester cotton, better quality cushions inside will also add cotton wool. There are cushions filled with feather down.

6. Pay attention to the feel of the sofa

6. feel of the sofa

When buying a sofa, touch the sofa to see if there is irritation of the skin, observe the overall fabric color of the sofa in all parts is uniform, the seam parts are sturdy and smooth, whether the workmanship is fine.

7. Test sofa resilience

sofa resilience

The resilience of the sofa is related to the service life of the sofa. At the time of purchase, you can sit down at random to see if there is bounce, rather than into the sofa.

8. Check the structure and connections

structure of sofa

Good sofa in the corner connection are wedged with wooden nails and blocks, and then double fixed with glue and screws, rather than with what staples and other things fixed. In addition, the four legs of a good sofa are integrated with the structure of the sofa, rather than subsequently installed on.

9. Consistent with the style of the house

style of sofa

You have to think about the overall style of your home is what, traditional, minimalist, or rustic? Then choose the color and pattern of the sofa according to the style of your home.

You also need to know how big the room to put the sofa, what is the length and width, according to the size of the room to choose the size of the sofa will make the overall effect better. If you are not quite sure, you can imagine the size of the room to take two steps to feel it, or with the help of a ruler or other tools to compare.

In addition, if you are used to often lying or sleeping on the sofa, then be sure to see whether the length and width of the sofa is appropriate, do not believe the size written by the business, because that is the overall size of the armrests and backrests included, you need to know is the actual size available between the two armrests and remove the thickness of the backrest. If you are not very satisfied with this size, you can consider choosing only one armrest or no armrest sofa, which can also make the room look larger.

10. Test whether the sofa can sit the whole family


This question seems silly, but it's actually very practical. If you buy a double sofa, don't plan to let three people sit on it, or no one will be comfortable, it's not a subway squeeze! If you need to often sit three people, but the house is not big enough, or just do not like the three-person sofa, then you can choose a separate single sofa.

The most important thing about the sofa is that it is comfortable! And the two most important indicators of comfort is the depth of sitting and backrest angle, how many of these two to sit comfortably? The answer is: there is no standard answer! Because everyone's height, body proportions, feelings are not the same.

11. Check whether the sofa sitting surface warped

sofa surface

If the sofa sitting surface is too high, sitting for a long time will produce pressure on the sciatic nerve, resulting in thigh numbness.

12. Check whether the sofa is easy to remove and wash


If you buy a fabric sofa, be sure to carefully check whether it is easy to disassemble, in order to facilitate future cleaning in use.

13. Choose the right sofa color

colorful sofa

The choice of sofa color is also a matter of concern. Sofa color is bright and shiny and can attract wealth. Bright yellow, gold, fuchsia, silver, emerald green, brick yellow are auspicious colors for luck and wealth, you can make more use of these six colors with, sofa cushions or cushions.

14. Choose the right sofa shape


Sofa should be square or round, the two shapes of the sofa is not only conducive to the reasonable use of space, but also to bring the family closer. Square and round sofas can withstand the transformation of the wind and waves of prosperity, can keep the family fortune great luck.

There are many styles of sofas on the market, and for different users to create different sizes of sofas, choose a sofa must not only focus on its appearance, but also must focus on its interior, a good sofa can not only improve the beauty of the family, but also a good place to stay after work every day.

Selection of furniture must have patience, because good things are not afraid to be selected, only more with a few stores to compare, you will be selected to meet their own desire for a sofa, as long as you remember the above 14 points, you can easily choose a good sofa.

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