15 tips to help you create your own garden

15 tips to help you create your own garden

 A small garden doesn't mean you can't realise your dreams for your garden. Here are our favourite ideas for small gardens, shared without reservation to help you maximise your space. Perhaps after reading these you can plan your garden without having to find a designer.

01 Create an outdoor living room

outdoor living room

A small courtyard is transformed into a magnificent outdoor living room by the addition of a freestanding porch. Here, a small wooden rattan frame is built over a gravel garden with a teak table and chairs underneath, adding to the desire to sit and rest. The porch creates a sense of enclosure and makes the courtyard appear much larger than it is.

02 Use of gravel flooring

gravel flooring

Crushed brick or gravel is a beautiful option for laying small gardens instead. It is also easier to use and maintain and is cheaper than brick or slate. Be sure to put a layer of non-woven fabric underneath the gravel as this will effectively prevent weeds from scurrying out of it. Also gravel allows rainwater to seep into the soil and doesn't allow water to drain away.

03 Clever use of large trees

large trees in garden

If you have a large tree in your yard and inevitably there are bare patches under it, why not make good use of this space to make it more liveable? In this small garden, several trees make planting a lawn or flower border impossible. The owners have therefore paved part of the area with slabs and added a table and chairs. Small garden tip:When you are working under a large tree, always put the exposed roots to one side and do not raise the slope around the roots of the tree.

04 Planning a pool


You don't need a huge space to have a water garden. In fact, planning a water garden enables you to adjust the humidity and warmth of the entire space. Just choose the right place to dig out a model of a pool, add a water tank and pump, trim it and then lay the pool bottom membrane, and finally pile up stones on the river stalk. Even a small oasis will attract a wide variety of butterflies and birds. The planting of water lilieswill add some more colour to the pool.

05 Make the façade full of surprises too

small garden

Plant twice as many flowers and vegetables in your small garden by adding a lattice or low fence behind each planting bed. This way, you can plant your vine crops vertically so they don't spread to the surrounding plants. In this narrow garden bed, three rustic wooden trellises support the flowering vines behind the perennial borders

06 Welcome to the critters

haven for birds and butterflies

Leave a little room for birds and frogs too. Even a small garden can be a haven for birds and butterflies, who flutter and become lovely sprites among a hundred flowers when you choose their favourite flowers. For example, this square bed is stuffed with bird and butterfly favourites such as black-eyed Susans and oleanders. A bird feeder and birdhouse add to the wildlife-friendly character of the garden.

07 A beautiful tree

beautiful tree

If the yard is not large enough, a tree that is too tall will block out most of the light. Instead, a slightly larger flowering shrub or small tree is more suitable to ensure that there are flowers to enjoy in the spring and plenty of light in the winter.

08 Cancellation of lawn

usable outdoor living space

Put every inch of your backyard to work creating usable outdoor living space. In this small yard, the turf is completely eliminated and replaced with a gravel base that supports a gorgeous dining table and containers filled with flowers. At the same time, this gives the homeowners more time to enjoy the space as they no longer need to mow.

09 Increasing visual focus

 oversized gate

Give the small garden a big boost of style by adding an oversized gate or arbor at one end as a focal point. It will catch the eye and make the space look larger. Here, a large decorative entrance arbor gives some visual weight to this small side yard. In addition, it supports a crown of climbing roses. The white lilies in the centre reflect the white roses and arbor.

10 Curved pavement


How can you create a strong sense of space in a small garden? One way is to draw some curves on your garden paths. A slightly curved walkway is always better than a straight one, as it will give visitors the feeling of walking through a large landscape. Be sure to make your path wide enough for two people to walk comfortably side by side. This curved concrete path is particularly attractive because a band of tiles separates each concrete slab.

11 Extensive use of basinware

pots filled with flowers

This is a corner of paradise you can have all to yourself, fill your little garden with pots filled with flowers and herbs. In this luxurious backyard, geraniums (scented and standard) and margarita daisies provide most of the colour around the welcoming teak bench. A huge terracotta bowl acts as a reflecting pool and water basin.

12 Pay attention to seasonal changes

garden in all season

As you plan your garden, think about what it will look like in all seasons. Many gardens look great in spring and early summer, but fade in autumn. Choose perennials and annuals that offer late colour, shrubs and trees that bear colourful berries or interesting bark in winter. On this tiny border, bunches of tulips offer a wealth of spring colour. After they have faded, they are replaced by summer beauties such as geraniums and verbena. The holly shrubs next to the front door grow brilliant red berries that make the landscape look beautiful after the frost.

13 Restoring your garage or shed


If you see an ugly shed or garage from your backyard, consider incorporating it into your garden design. On this narrow plot, the only thing visible is the homeowner's ugly garage. But with a can of paint and a cheap French door, they turned an ugly duckling into a swan. In fact, they were so pleased with the transformation that they added a Mediterranean-style patio next to the new garage door.

14 Add some colour to it

Shady backyard

Shady backyards are a great place to spend a hot summer afternoon, but usually, they can be a little dark and dreary. Brighten up the view with colourful pillows, fabrics, outdoor rugs and jars in a variety of colours and patterns. This shady back deck is now a colourful place for family fun.

15 Decorate the bins


Nothing spoils the view from a small backyard more than a pile of wind-tossed rubbish bins. Instead of putting your rubbish in plain sight, enclose them in a circle of wood. Here, a set of stylish wooden panels hide the homeowner's trash, leaving a small space for potting soil and extra gardening tools. When the door panels are closed, everything is completely hidden.

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