4 Home Decorating Tips For the DIYer

4 Home Decorating Tips For the DIYer

To come up with great ideas, you need to draw sustenance from the outside world. Frequent travel can draw inspiration from the myriad of objects, places and experiences you encounter on your travels.

Where to find inspiration?

How to find your favorite decorating style?

Appreciation of decoration samples

Money Saving Tips

Five design principles

Inspiration is everywhere. A shopping trip, a book, an exhibition, a movie - these affairs not only serve a recreational purpose, they can also provide inspiration for your home design. What colors will make a room the most ambient? Think of something that touches your heart: think of you watching the sunset with your loved one, the brilliant colors on your favorite painting, the shells you picked up from the beach, the pattern on your summer dress, the look of your favorite cafe, the scent of roses.

Tips:Source of inspiration

  • Collect the things and ideas that move you.
  • Go on an adventure into the world of art, fashion, architecture, and photography.
  • Get inspiration from home books and magazines.
  • Shop a flea market.
  • Get into nature.
  • Don't wait in place. Start with something you love. Don't forget your dreams, they are an inexhaustible source of inspiration.
  • Define your style:

    A "template" is designed for each room. All the design elements, structure, and colors of the room are displayed on this board, which helps coordinate the overall balance and visually demonstrates the dialogue and discussion associated with it.

    Personal style is a collection of all the elements that build out a unique self, a relentless pursuit of aesthetics and a love of beauty itself. Style is not a purposeful performance, it is confidence, authenticity and a certain spirit. To find your own style is to find your true self.

    Tips: Ways to find your decorating style

  • Pull together your ideas and inspirations and put them up on a wall for display.
  • Add in items and elements that you are sure you want. For example, photos, magazine pages, fabric swatches, color cards.
  • Look for connections between them: Is there too much repetition of that color? Is there a soft pattern or industrial element? What is the overall impression given? Is it Scandinavian, modern or vintage?
  • Add new inspirations gradually and delete some old elements, knowing that you can show your personal style and develop your unique perspective.
  • The "memo board" is a collage of proposals, stencils, inspirations and ideal home effects that help you collect ideas and visualize them. In this way you can take control and find ways to coordinate with each other. 
  • 【Happy Modern Style】

    Modern style furniture

    Happy Fashion Style

    fashion style furniture

    Happy Noble Style

    noble style furniture

    Happy Scandinavian Style

    scandinavian style furniture

    Happy Farm Style

    farm style furniture


    Happy Retro Style

    retro style furniture

    The art of reducing expenses is the foundation of the decorating process, and it will be miraculous for you: put in your home only the things you like, the things you will use, and the things that make you feel positive. As for the rest, just skip it. Omitting is not the same as giving up, but rather focusing on the things you love, and nothing is more beautiful and luxurious than a home filled with the things you love.

    Money saving tips

    Tips: 5 of the best " saving tips

    • When you buy something new, get rid of something old
    • Sort items regularly
    • Start sorting where you can get quick results, which will give you the motivation to sort next
    • Keep only those things that make you feel happy
    • When you go shopping or travel, don't buy too much to take home. The things that are truly precious are often the experiences and memories of the time. Know that the best things are not material.

    Master the design principles:

    It is important to be familiar with the basic design principles first before you can develop a unique home design style. Every interior designer focuses on a few basic rules that are simple and they apply whether you are decorating a very small room or a large, luxurious villa.

    Tips: 5 basic design principles

    • Balance: It is important to achieve a visual balance of objects, materials, sizes and colors.
    • Rhythm: "Repetition of a particular element (e.g., color, shape, pattern, etc.) can evoke a sense of order and hierarchy throughout the home and make a space appear subtle and interesting.
    • Proportion: There is a need to control the proportion of specific elements to other elements
    • Harmony and Unity: An aesthetically pleasing interior is a harmonious whole, where the different elements all convey the same message. Wholeness does not mean fixing on a single style, but rather a space that brings a sense of wholeness.
    • Accent : The greatest enemy of home design is uninteresting, so every room needs one or several visual highlights, which can be original architectural details, intriguing wall arrangements, special furniture, wonderful artwork or a beautiful view outside the window.
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