5 Steps to Choose Desk for Small Rooms

5 Steps to Choose Desk for Small Rooms

Do you sometimes feel that you have bought the wrong desk? Or that your desk is not suitable for this small room?Especially when your room is not big, if you buy a desk at random, then it may not come in handy. So how can you pick a desk that looks good and fits into a small room? Please follow these 5 steps to choose a suitable desk for your small space.

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Step 1: Determine the Size of the Desk Suitable for Small Rooms

When buying a desk, you must first pay attention to the size and consider whether the size is suitable for your own home study. The standard height of the general desk is about 75 cm, but the width and length are very different.

1.Desk for One Person

Sogeshome Desk for One Person

The length of the single-seater desk is about 1.2-1.3 meters, while the width is about 60-70 cm.

2. Double-seater desk

Sogeshome Double-seater desk

The length of the desk for two people will grow to about 1.5-2 meters, the width of 75 cm is appropriate.

3.Desk for Adult

Sogeshome Desk for Adult

For adults, the height of the desk usually varies little, while the width and length vary depending on the style and number of seats.

4.Desk for Children

Sogeshome Desk for Children

If the desk is bought for the child, then be sure to buy it considering the height of the child. In the long run you can avoid the hassle of frequent desk changes and provide your child with one of the most comfortable desk heights.

In addition to paying attention to the size of the desk, when matching the seat to pay attention to the height of the chair, and the desk hitched together is appropriate.

Warmly reminded: desks and seats to match the right, or improper height, distance, etc. will affect my door sitting, may have a negative impact on the eyes, spine health. At the same time will also reduce the efficiency of the office, learning.

Step 2 : Determine the Structure of the Desk Suitable for Small Rooms

In addition to pay attention to see the style of the desk, but also consider the structure of the desk, whether it is solid and safe. In the selection, check the desk has no wobble or loose feeling, if the desk is very solid, you can buy with confidence.

Sogeshome desk with rounded or curved corners

Consider the use of safety, the choice of desk corners must be noted. You can buy a desk with rounded or curved corners, do not buy a desk with sharp corners or angles, especially for small children, must ensure that no safety hazards, which is a kind of protection for children. In addition, the surface of the desk should be smooth.

SOGESHOME desk with rounded or curved corners


Step 3:Determine the Desk Material

1.Solid Wooden Desk

Sogeshome Solid wood desks

Solid wood desks are green and environmentally friendly, and compared with man-made panels, plastic, glass, marble, comfort is better. People in the use of solid wood desks, can feel the sense of winter warmth and summer cool, experience a sense of warmth and comfort. And solid wood desks have a longer service life than the general material, up to 15-20 years.

2.Glass Desk

Sogeshome Glass Desk

As people pay more attention to light, furniture made of glass is gradually becoming the first choice. Because of the hardness and durability of glass, its use on the desk can increase the light transmission effect of the space. Glass desks are also very popular.

3.Steel Frame Desk

Sogehome Steel Frame Desk

Steel as the frame, with a solid wood desktop. Such a combination can build on the strengths and avoid the weaknesses, both with a unique sense of fashion of steel, the desktop does not appear cold, making it more acceptable.

Step 4 :Choose a Desk That Matches the Style of the Small Room

Desk style is best to match the tone of the room, to avoid a sense of incongruity, thus affecting the decorative effect of the room. In the case of a tiny room, it is more important to think in advance what style of desk to buy.

1.Modern Style

sogeshome light-colored tables

If the room is a modern style, then the desk should choose a modern style. Modern style is appropriate to use lighter patterns of light-colored tables, such as light yellow, light gray, etc.. Light-colored table is very versatile, but also make the room look bright, especially the glossy lacquer table, with reflective properties, especially suitable for small rooms with poor lighting.

2.Minimalist Style

sogeshome clean lines tables

Simple materials, clean lines, tables without too much decoration, "minimalism" is a rational restraint of consumer desire, want to return to a more essential, more simple life. Minimalism in life is not as empty as many concepts of space, its core is very simple - simple but not reduced (Less is More). When choosing a table, it is important to abandon flashy decorations, as long as the necessary elements are retained in the design.

3.Industrial Vintage Style

sogehome Industrial Vintage Style desk

Industrial vintage style is a retrospective and reminiscent of the industrial era. It is modeled after the times and regions that were developed countries such as England and America in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Industrial vintage became popular a few years ago and the main features of these tables are cold, worn metal textures and angular shapes.

4.Color Matching

The color shade of the desk can be matched with reference to the color of the room's decoration. If the room is a light color, then the desk can choose a dark color to enhance the beauty of the layers in the space. The opposite is also true, avoid uniform light colors, it will seem too monotonous space, and dark colors are also inappropriate, that will make the space a depressing feeling.

Step 5 :Choose the Type of Desk You Like

1.Movable Side Table Stand

Sogeshome Movable Side Table Stand

The space in the house is relatively small, so you need a side table, placed next to the bed. It also can be used as a small coffee table.

Side table when not in use can be included under the bed (the base can be pushed under the bed), so it will be more convenient in use, but also very easy to clean the house.

2.Folding Desk

sogehsome Foldable tables

Foldable tables will make the room more compact and dense, maximizing the use of indoor space area. It can be folded up and placed in the corner when not in use, minimizing the space occupied.

3.Desk with Storage Shelves

sogeshome table with shelves

The table with shelves next to it can have more storage space. The table top should be cleaned up and look good. If you can't fit anything on the tabletop, then you can use the shelves and drawer cabinets next to it. Matching tables and organizers will make the room look more uniform and neat.

4.L-Shaped Desk

sogeshome L-Shaped Desk

If you have to accomplish multiple tasks at the same time, then L-shaped tables and swivel chairs are perfect for you. If you need to use up the corners of the room, L-shaped tables must be the best choice.

5.Desk for Two People

sogeshome double-seat desk

The double-seat desk and custom bookshelves visually enlarge the space for two people at the same time. Whether two people are working and studying together or playing games together, it is very convenient for daily life.

Did reading this article give you a lot of inspiration? If you need to buy a desk for your small room in the future, make sure you prioritize these issues.

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