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5 Steps To Choose Kitchen Storage Rack in 2022

Small kitchen has very limited space to accommodate Cookware, and the longer it is in use, the messier it becomes.The originally small cooking table now has to put down a microwave oven, oven, juicer, etc. In this case you must choose the right kitchen organizer, do a good job of kitchen storage, the kitchen will become clean and tidy. 

I will teach you 5 steps to pick the right kitchen srotage shelf.

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 1.Identify Your Needs

  • Too many bottles and jars on the kitchen counter, you may need a counter top organizer
  • Too many small appliances, you may need appliance organizer
  • There is no place to put vegetables, you may need a vegetable basket organizer
  • More and more kitchen utensils, you may need adsorption organizer
  • Kitchen corners need corner organizers

You must be clear about your needs in order to choose the kitchen organizer that really suits you, otherwise you are likely to make the wrong choice and further waste space.

2.Know the types of kitchen shelves

Organisers can be divided into different types according to the different needs in life.

  • Trolley storage rack

Sogeshome Trolley storage rack

The trolley storage rack can be used not only in the kitchen, but also in the living room, bedroom and bathroom, so you can move freely from room to room. Imagine inviting your friends to a dinner party at home and having a trolley with all sorts of spices and wine glasses at your fingertips, so you don't have to fetch them from the kitchen and make a mess?

  • Vegetable basket storage rack

    Sogeshome Vegetable basket storage rack

    We have all seen the above two types of shelves, but the vegetable basket organiser is rarely seen, it uses a design of skeleton baskets can play a draining function, more suitable for holding some fruits and vegetables. Because vegetables are easily dehydrated in the fridge, it is the best choice for those who want to eat fresh vegetables and fruits, while freeing up space in the fridge.

    • Storage rack with drawers

    Sogeshome Storage rack with drawers

    I'm sure many of you have drawer organisers in your home, compared to other open shelves, the biggest advantage is that it has a closed storage space, which prevents dust and is particularly suitable for storing items that are afraid of getting dirty, and drawer shelves can also be stored vertically, which does not take up space and is very practical. Do you have in mind the assembled shelves for shoes and clothes?

    • Microwave storage rack

    Sogeshome Microwave storage rack

    Have you ever had the experience of a kitchen full of large appliances such as microwaves, ovens, rice cookers and coffee makers, which usually need to be moved to a different location? The microwave oven storage rack is the perfect solution to this problem, as the number of layers and width can be customised, the load-bearing capacity is strong and extra large furniture can be placed, perfectly meeting various needs.

    • Floor standing storage rack

    Sogeshome Floor standing storage rack

    They are shelves that are placed on the floor, mostly in the corners. There are many different styles and types of floor standing shelves, so we can choose according to our preferences, but we have to pay attention to the fact that, since we buy them for storage, the volume aspect still needs to be taken into account and the quality aspect has to be taken into consideration.

    • Adsorption storage rack

    Sogeshome Adsorption storage rack

    They are shelves that attach to the wall and do not come into contact with the floor, making them easy to clean and sanitise. They must be installed on top of a load-bearing wall, preferably a solid brick wall.

    • Corner storage rack

    Sogeshome Corner storage rack

    The corner storage shelf makes full use of the corner of the wall for storage, with a small silver stainless steel shelf design for storing bottles, jars and small kitchen items, which is very handy and practical for use and storage.

    • Countertop storage rack

    Sogeshome Countertop storage rack

    • Stainless steel storage rack

    Sogeshome Stainless steel storage rack

    The stainless steel shelves are available in a wide range of sizes to meet different needs, and the stainless steel material is corrosion and oil resistant, making it particularly easy to clean, as well as having a good load-bearing capacity, so you can put everything in and customise it according to your actual needs, making it more practical. This open storage stainless steel shelves are very convenient to pick up items, for people who like the sense of metallic shine is the best choice.

    • Plastic storage rack

    Features: corrosion-resistant, anti-ageing, rust-free, light weight, easy to construct, etc., but less solid, easy to deform after a long time.

    3.Notice material

    • When buying a kitchen organiser, the first thing to consider is the material it is made of. As the kitchen has a high level of moisture and grease, it is recommended that you do not buy wooden shelves. This is because wooden shelves will rot after being used for a long time, which will affect the life of the shelf and bring inconvenience to life.
    • When buying kitchen storage racks, be sure to purchase them in accordance with the characteristics of your kitchen. Choose materials that do not rust easily, such as aluminum and stainless steel. The aluminum storage rack will not affect its life even in a humid environment, it is more durable and economical, saving money while providing convenience to our lives.
    • When buying kitchen storage shelves, you should also take into account its load-bearing effect. You can use your hands to see if it will deform. The bottom of the shelf is solid and stable when pushed or pulled, and then you can buy shelves according to your kitchen needs.

    4.Purpose of a kitchen organiser

    • Kitchen organisers make the kitchen appear larger. The optional stainless steel kitchen storage rack can be used for a long time and will not rust, but also to store large items of kitchen supplies, but also to place the heavier kitchen utensils.
    • Kitchen organisers not only bring convenience to people's lives, but also have a great decorative effect and storage function. Choosing a multifunctional kitchen organiser will make the whole kitchen cleaner and tidier. With a high frequency of kitchen use and many kitchen utensils, it is especially important to buy a multifunctional kitchen organiser.

    A dirty kitchen can be instantly transformed into a clean and tidy one with the help of an organiser, which will improve its appearance and reduce the growth of bacteria.

    5.Keep kitchen rack clean & safe

    • Kitchen storage cabinets are often greasy because they often hold dishes and drinks, so the first thing you need to do is wipe them with a damp rag, then wash them with water and dry them with a clean, dry rag. Clean the storage cupboard regularly to remove any dust and ensure that the items are clean.
    • When the surface of the kitchen storage cabinet produces dirt, you can wash it with soapy water, dry it and then wax it once more to restore the original appearance, but do not use gasoline, paraffin, turpentine and other solvent-based liquids to rub it, otherwise it will rub off the surface of the paint and lacquer gloss.
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