50 Home Style Aesthetics | A Greenery Lover's Home

50 Home Style Aesthetics | A Greenery Lover's Home

No matter how big your home is, greenery makes you embrace and return to nature ...... Discover the shape of life in the bloom and decay of plants, wordless plants give you healing companionship.

Doing what you want to do and living as you wish is the philosophy of life for today's master, a greenery lover, who moves them home because she likes them, so that he can feel very happy when passing every corner of his home.

The home designed for the greenery lover, with greenery and oak wood furniture, is full of good light, fresh and natural.

A Casual Living Room With Greenery
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The layout of the living room is not very large, and she has made it a relaxing place to live.

Then we saw a corner of the living room covered with green plants, low green plants on the rock panel TV cabinet for decoration, and tall green plants next to the sofa for accompaniment, looking out the window, it seems that the indoor and outdoor become a scene, quite unique, making full use of space to create their own "forest home".

The hostess told us that home is the most relaxing place to be, and with the accompany of greenery, it doesn't seem lonely.

She often sits on the gray sofa to watch TV or read, and the oak coffee table gives the space an extra sense of nature.

The living room also has a dormer window where you can sit and enjoy the scenery at your leisure. When autumn comes, the view from the window looks like a painting gifted by nature.

Her life is slow and her work is plant-related, so this lounge area is used for regular entertainment breaks and craft work.

The large bookcase holds a variety of books and she finds it a pleasure to sit on the lazy sofa to study, occasionally playing with her kitten or reading a novel on it.

There are also several green plants in the corners of the lounge area and small daisies on the steps. The whole space looks simple, but is open and bright enough that we felt brighter after spending some time here.

The dining room is also extremely healing, with an original wooden dining table with greenery, which is very comfortable and warm. The dining sideboard serves as a storage and display area, and all kinds of bottles and jars are placed in it in an orderly manner, which is very neat.

I think there is a heartfelt pleasure in tasting the food here.

Open Eyes And See Green Color- Bedroom
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A neat and fresh natural bedroom that reveals the hostess's dedication to life.

The bay window creates a natural atmosphere with its greenery and small wooden round table and sofa chairs, which can also be used as a small workbench during the week.

Every day you can open your eyes to see the greenery of nature, have a cup of coffee in the morning to refresh yourself, play your favorite guitar, and start a new day under the sunlight, which is a wonderful feeling.

The bedroom furniture is basically made of oak, with a light colour and a strong sense of wood, the overall match is exquisite. Both the bedside table and the dressing table are essential for a girl who loves beauty.

The art painting on the wall above the bed is also a highlight of the space, with concave shapes of greenery, turquoise and green patterns echoing the tone of the home.

Spiritual Food + Healing Life
/ Healing Life /

Plant lovers say that reading, enjoying flowers, appreciating art, travel and other spiritual supplements is what they really want to pursue now.

The study is where she has her spiritual food. Her study is simply decorated with a minimalist and atmospheric bookcase, large green plants and an original wooden desk for working and storage, a space where she can quietly and seriously think.

The more she thinks about it, the more she realises that nature is too important for a laid-back life, which is one of the reasons why she loves greenery. Being in nature can completely shut out the busy city life.

Whether it's facing a relationship or a career, day in and day out, there's nothing new about boring life, we all need to be healed.

Try to find the love of life

It may be a tea that clears the mind and calms the soul

A book to purify the soul

or creating a comfortable and natural home with greenery.

Feel the healing power that plants bring to life.

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