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The love of color and curiosity is what drives girls to become beauty bloggers. They like to try different makeup, various imitation makeup, so colorful, but they never thought they would love the natural and original lifestyle more.

Today we are taking a look at the home of a beauty blogger, natural and warm log style, this blogger who already has a 6-year-old daughter, in their own world to show the high quality lifestyle.

1.The ultimate in life is elegance and simplicity

Before visiting the beauty blogger's home, most people may have imagined that the beauty blogger may give their house decorated with flowers, or very bright colors, but into the beauty blogger's home, to our surprise, the whole house is dominated by the original wood color, a feeling of spaciousness, cleanliness and elegance into the home.

entrance set

The entrance set at the entrance, placed beige shoe stool, next to a strong sense of line with the greenery, the space here to create not only convenient into the door to wear shoes, more like a comfortable and cozy park corner of the lounger, in which to read, but also extremely comfortable.

entrance set

When it comes to reading, a large bookcase in the living room is also very eye-catching. The blogger says that most of the bookcases are filled with books on aesthetics, and in her studies, she gradually realized that the ultimate in life is actually elegance and simplicity.


This can really be seen in the layout and decoration of the entire living room as well.

The sofa in the living room is mixed with beige and gray, and the original wooden small coffee table is placed with green plants.

living room

2. Beauty bloggers' thoughts on beauty

"Our profession, many people feel that there is some camouflage, to beauty is not natural definition of us, but I think there are many ways to embody beauty, we are just in the whole body into the love of things".

This is what the beauty blogger said to us, and after listening to it, I thought about it and entered her dressing room to really feel her love and dedication to "beauty".

Her dressing room is like a small laboratory, those skin care, makeup bottles and jars are neatly placed on a shelf.

dressing room

A wooden table is placed opposite, and the blogger says this is equivalent to a small studio where studies makeup and also learns systematic beauty knowledge, and the pursuit of beauty is also passed on to his fans through live streaming.

make up room

The space of the makeup room is slightly separated by a half hollow wall, and a small balcony can be seen when you walk in. A table and two chairs, tea and coffee, leaving the complicated and mundane things at hand, enjoy the beauty of leisure.


The bedroom is next door to the dressing room. The bedroom in the original wood color looks particularly warm and inviting, and the rattan + original wood bedside cabinet can not only be used for storage, but also has a literary atmosphere with photo frames and green plants placed on it.


soft sofa

The blogger also often reads on the cushions on the floor or on the soft sofa, savoring the elegant and quiet beauty of life.

3. Arrange every living space

The arrangement of the children's room is also warm and lovely, with a wicker children's closet combined with natural clouds and other decorations above the bed, both in line with the sense of childlike innocence and like a close contact with nature.

children's room

Whether it's the wall paintings or the metal desk lamp on the desk, it shows that aesthetics is to start with the children, and she said she hopes the children's childhood time has more elegance.

children's bed

children's desk

In the creation of the dining room, the blogger also pay more attention to decorative details, the guest dining room has the original wooden dining table and white table and chairs.

dining room

She often makes fun and interesting food for her children and enjoys it herself.

dining table

"She said, eating is a big thing in the ordinary, treat it with care, live up to the good food, and your life will not be too bad.”

dining table

While feeling the beauty blogger's exquisite home, also suddenly feel that people who are willing to take the trouble to settle themselves, they tend to have full and bright souls.



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