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End Table with Storage

8 Tips to Choose End Table with Storage

In addition to the sofa in the living room, the end table is the most important, a good end table, can play a role in the decoration of the living room. The living room is a public space and the end table is used very frequently, whether it is to watch TV or to receive visitors. Choose a end table with storage function both beautiful and can help you save space, how to choose a end table with storage function?

1.Consider the functionality of the end table

End Table with Storage

End tables used to be rather bulky, as they had to store things. As people have become more aesthetic and open-minded, the end table is not just a piece of furniture for storage, but a piece of furniture with an artistic touch, a piece of furniture that brings life to a space.

So we can think outside of this and turn the living room into the heart of the home. Here you can enjoy leisure time with your family, you can read a book in peace and quiet over a cup of end, or you can open your heart in the afternoon with a couple of friends.

2.Right size

End Table with Storage

End table to choose the right size, if the living room space is relatively small, do not buy a large end table, even if this end table you really like, but not for their own home space, buy back will only be a waste of space, but also cause space congestion, the dynamic line is blocked. If it is a large empty living room put small end table, it will look very uncoordinated and insignificant.

3.Focus on style matching

End Table with Storage

The choice of end table must refer to the sofa to be more coordinated, end table legs and sofa arm/foot lines are similar; end table materials currently on the market are mainly rock, marble, wood, glass, iron; to choose according to the main decoration style, end table to be consistent with the style of the TV cabinet.

4.With storage space

End Table with Storage

Only the table top can put things on the end table, photo will feel very simple and stylish, but, this end table is not practical at all! When you move in, you will find that the small table top is full of clutter. The living room has a lot of small trivial things, such as TV remotes, paper towels, cups and other items, these need a place to put, so the end table or to meet the storage function, it is best to have with drawers, drawers storage is very convenient, if there is no drawer, then at least also partition storage


End Table with Storage

In addition to the size of the end table, but also to see the height, the height of the end table is best than the armrests of the sofa is a little shorter, but not too short, the most appropriate height, is to sit on the floor in the end table to play computer or read a book.


End Table with Storage

End table and sofa spacing - 45 cm or so, so that when sitting down the knee will not hit the end table, the actual distance can be adjusted according to the members of the body.


End Table with Storage

Black, white and grey basic, the most versatile, design to do complex easy, but minimalist can also come out of the feeling of very difficult. There is a relationship between the legs of the end table and the legs of the sofa, and the shape between them should be similar. If you choose a sofa without legs, you can buy a cabinet end table with it .

8.Safety and environmental protection

End Table with Storage

The first thing to consider when choosing a home is safety and environmental protection, although the end table is small furniture, but if formaldehyde and other harmful substances exceed the standard on human physical and mental health will also have an impact. So in the purchase, it is best to go to the physical shop, online shopping for end table although cheaper, but the return of trouble, high return costs, and quality can not be judged. Try to go to the brand entity shop to buy, good night home end table is a good choice, safe and environmentally friendly, cost-effective, fashionable and simple design.

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