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9 Space-saving Home Fitness Equipment to Help You Get in Shape

During the epidemic, I believe that many people are at home, and if they are at home for an extended period of time, where can they go for fitness exercise?

In fact, cardio can effectively burn fat, but muscle-building requires some weight assistance to be able to exercise properly, which is why we need fitness equipment.


The following 9 recommended space-saving home fitness equipment, there are definitely more than two types suitable for you to use at home, of course, the first thing to consider when buying fitness equipment is the space at home, and budget.

1. Yoga mat 

Yoga mat material is mainly divided into TPE, PVC, NBR, its thickness also varies, between 3mm to 10mm.

TPE material mats are environmentally friendly, PVC-free, non-toxic, non-heavy metal and non-irritating odor characteristics, can be recycled and discarded harmless to the environment.In addition, it is also easier to clean and has a stronger grip.

PVC material may be the cheapest, but because of the material, this kind of yoga mat has a big smell, weak grip, easy to retain sweat and grease, in addition, PVC yoga mat also contains phthalates, these substances have a certain negative impact on the environment.

NBR yoga mat thickness of around 10mm, extremely soft and light, thicker mat, good elasticity, but strong water absorption and easy to absorb sweat tsk, easy to generate bacteria over time

2. Yoga ball

Yoga ball can be used to do some exercises to enhance the balance or core ability, but also as a weight aid to exercise the body.

3. Stretch rope

The length of the elastic rope will be longer, mainly is also the same in the exercise to increase resistance to produce resistance function to exercise muscles.

For me, the elastic rope can do a more comprehensive exercise, as long as you do the right exercise, a stretch rope can be fat and efficient exercise back, arms, buttocks and legs and chest

4. Resistant Band

Resistant band is used for strength training gadgets, its flexibility allows you to exercise when the resistance function, which makes the muscle becomes stronger, but also can strengthen the muscle.

5. Abdominal wheel

The difficulty of the abdominal wheel is several times greater than that of the typical abdominal exercise, so the effect is also quick, but because it is too difficult, first-time users can use elastic rope, which is conducive to the operation.

6. Dumbbells

How is it possible to exercise without dumbbells? In fact, there are many adjustable dumbbells on the market now, you can buy several weights of dumbbells at once, and then adjust them to the weight you want according to your needs.

7. Kettlebell

The center of gravity of the kettlebell is outside the body, so when lifting the kettlebell to do exercise, the body will be affected by the weight of the kettlebell and sway.

8. Push up machine

Due to the extreme backward bending of the wrist when doing push-ups, it is easy for joint pain to occur. The push-up machine can not only enhance the effect of push-ups, but is also a good way to train muscles with minimal impact on the joints.

9. Hanging bar

Hanging bar, in addition to being able to exercise the muscles of the arms and back, has a number of other advantages, including the relief of back pain. This is due to the fact that while the body is suspended, it is in a natural vertical condition, allowing gravity to stretch the body.

People also ask these questions

home exercise

How to choose home fitness equipment?

If you feel a little confused about which fitness equipment is most suitable for you, it is recommended to make a choice based on the following points.

Budget, the size of the space at home, first go to YouTube to watch exercise videos about the equipment, and then decide whether you need to study what kinds of exercises the equipment can do and what muscle areas you need to strengthen.

What are the benefits of exercise at home?

exercise at home can be a good thing, because you don't have to share the same equipment with other people, and you don't have to wait in line. In addition, you can also schedule your own fitness time, without the need for special appointments or the need to rush to the gym after work.

Of course, home fitness also requires a high degree of self-discipline to be able to complete, after all, home fitness may be less accompanied by friends and make the atmosphere a little lonely, so that people can not be motivated, but if not self-discipline, before the muscle will be developed slowly disappear over time.

What are the benefits of fitness muscle growth?

Burning more fat and increasing metabolism Each pound of muscle burns about three times as many calories as body fat, so strength training needs to be incorporated into a workout routine to build muscle, which not only burns calories, but also stimulates metabolism. The more muscle you have, the easier it is to keep your weight in the ideal range, reminding you to look more even and not become bloated, in addition to having muscle burning calories is not easy to regain weight. But the prerequisite is that the muscle growth needs to be maintained all the time.

How much fat is burned after the enhancement exercise?

When muscle mass is increased, the metabolic rate will naturally be maintained or increased better. Muscle burns more energy than fat, so even if you don't exercise for a day, your muscles will continue to burn calories and continue to burn fat.

What are the benefits of fitness for bones?

Increasing muscle mass can bring changes in protection and support to the bones, which in turn is less susceptible to injury from external impacts, and can prevent osteoporosis.


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