Can you imagine that you can buy all this furniture from Sogeshome for less than $400?

Can you imagine that you can buy all this furniture from Sogeshome for less than $400?

Do you want to know what great furniture you can get for under $400?

From choosing a bed to a sofa, let's have a "home goodies share"! The good looking and practical ones are all there🎁

Lazy Sofa Chair ($81.99) - Resort Style at Home

sogeshome lazy sofa chair

The lounger sofa is a piece of furniture that really makes you feel happy.

Life and work can often bring us a lot of stress, and when we get home or in our rented house we always want to sink into a lazy sofa, even if we don't do anything, we feel great.

On weekends, when you have nothing to do, you can read a book, drink a coffee or catch up on a drama, which is very relaxing.

Fashionable dressing table ($165.99) - A must for the urban woman

sogeshome fashionable dressing table

Everyone loves beauty, It is unbelievable that there is no dressing table in a girl's room.

The freestanding dressing table is the most common and much loved by young people so far. It is small, sophisticated and doesn't take up too much space and, most importantly, comes with a make-up mirror, giving the whole space a youthful feel.

Coloured Loveseat ($389)-Double the beauty of your living room

sogeshome colourful loveseat sofa

The fabric sofa can be described as a popular lover, breathable and soft. A modern style home must be equipped with a fabric sofa, as it is the only one that can shape the sense of clean and light.

Modern Simple Double Bed ($249 ) - Sleep comfortably all night long

sogeshome simple double bed

Who would have thought that you could get a king-size bed for less than $300? The narrow sides save space in the bedroom, which is a boon to small homes ~ the reserved height at the bottom of the bed is very convenient for cleaning under the bed

Create a warm and comfortable home for yourself and find the love of life!

Sogeshome promises:

🛫Fast delivery - delivery within 24 hours after payment (within 3 days in case of special circumstances)

🌎Fast logistics - furniture will arrive in three days.

🙋🏻‍♀️Service - if you have any questions, please consult our official customer service, we will answer you patiently.

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