How to Effectively Use Space in a Small House?

How to Effectively Use Space in a Small House?

When it comes to small homes, the first thought is cost-effective, but the area is small, especially as the longer you live in the more clutter at home, the interior will gradually become "crowded" up, live up to a little uncomfortable. In fact, as long as we master some skills, and intention to create, the area of the small house can also become a warm house, today with Sogeshome to see these clever use of space tips it!

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01 Use small furniture to reduce the sense of volume

The compactness of the small house determines its limited accommodation, in the confined space if you want to save space, more should choose small furniture, which covers a small area, and can give a "small but complete" feeling.

smooth lines, low furniture

As far as possible, choose smooth lines, low furniture, which will make the space look more comfortable and bright, not full of cramped. For example, the delicate lines of the chairs, lamp holders, hanging rods can bring a lean sense of bone and log-like texture.

A sofa with short and thin legs

A sofa with short and thin legs allows the space to breathe better than a sofa with thick legs. Sofa with lower armrest position will not cut the line of sight, allowing the space to be extended. The principle is that the closer the furniture is to the floor, the further away from the ceiling, the space between the furniture and the ceiling will feel larger after the space is enlarged.

the delicate lines of the chairs

Of course, nowadays there are many furniture that can be folded at will, not to obstruct the aisle and can be freely changed according to the actual situation, is also a good choice for small homes.

furniture that can be folded

However, you should not choose furniture to save space and ignore the aesthetics. A piece of furniture of too low quality, modelling exquisite degree is not high, and the overall style does not match the furniture will make people feel abrupt, destroy the beauty of the space, but more prominent cluttered feeling, so that the space is more and more narrow, uncomfortable. So the owner of a small home must take into account the aesthetics and practicality when choosing furniture. Sogeshome has many very practical and cost-effective furniture recommendations for you.

1)Rustic Natural Coffee Table with Storage Shelf for Living Room $220.99

Rustic Natural Coffee Table with Storage Shelf for Living Room

Features: The coffee table is made of rustic solid wood surface crafted with premium cut slabs of reclaimed wood featuring a smoothed textured surface that adds versatile unique character to your space. Solid iron support base for solid welded infrastructure supporting up to 300 lbs.

Product Dimensions & Weight: 42.1"L x 22"W x 18.42"H, 42 LBS

Material: Wood face: Pine wood; Desktop backplane: MDF; Legs & bottom shelf: Iron

Care & Maintance: 1.Wipe with a soft dry cloth. Avoid the use of harsh chemicals and household cleaners as they may damage the finish. 2.Hardware may loosen over time; periodically check that all connections are tight.

Notice: 1.Real Product's Color may be a little different from the image due to the lighting or monitor's display; 2.Manual measurement has been used, there may be some reasonable error.

2)Small Space Colorful Sleeper Sofa Solid Wood Legs Sogeshome  $670.99

Small Space Colorful Sleeper Sofa Solid Wood Legs Sogeshome

Unique Colors: No matter if it is the living room, den, or bedroom, this sleeper will be a perfect fit for it. Multicolored upholstery brightens up any room while sturdy wood legs add a sophisticated finish. The soft cushions make a perfect place to lounge along with books in the afternoon.

Easy Assembly: Necessary hardware and detailed instruction are included so that you can assemble the utility stand easily. At the same time, we will provide you with quality pre-sales and after-sales service during assembly or usage.

Immediate Reply: If there are any problems with the product, please contact us directly, we will reply and offer a solution.

3)4 Tiers Folding Metal Storage Shelves Without Assembly Sogeshome  $114.99

4 Tiers Folding Metal Storage Shelves Without Assembly Sogeshome

Sturdy Material: This metal storage with a large Loading Capacity, is made of thick solid steel material, stable and high loading capacity, simple and sturdy structure. The loading capacity of every tier is 120 lbs, an adult can sit on it safely.

Overall size: L*W*H = 28 x 13.5 x 32.4 inch (71*34.2*82.5cm); weight: 15.4 lb/ 7 kg. Hand measured, please note there may be small differences in measurement.

Without Assembly: The item arrives assembled, Just open the black frame and adjust the Shelves on it. The entire process takes only 1 minute and does not require installation tools. When you do not need it, you can fold the shelf and put it in the room corner, which will save your space largely.

Multifunctional: With 3/4/5 tier shelves storage and sturdy large loading capacity, it is ideal for storing heavy garden tools in the garage, hardware tools, kitchen furniture, and heavy plants in the living room, bedroom, bathroom, outside garden, balcony, etc. It can also be used as a flower display stand, bookcase shelf, bathroom storage shelf.

Industrial Style: Vintage Rustic Metal Style. If there are any problems with the product, please contact us directly, we will reply and offer a solution in 24 hours.

4)Metal Space-saver Twin Loft Bed with Shelves and Desk Sogeshome  $395.99

Metal Space-saver Twin Loft Bed with Shelves and Desk Sogeshome

Unique Styles: This loft bed makes full use of space, coming with 3-tire shelves and a desk under the bed, the bed creates a great personal workstation. Combining MDF with steel, this bed provides an industrial style for your bedroom, suitable for any room style with its clean-lined silhouette. A full-length guardrail is available for the upper bed to protect from falling.

Advantages: The main support legs are made of thickened steel and 20 slats are available for better weight capacity. With solid construction and multiple functions, this bed will serve your family for many years.

Including: Included shelves and desk provides a personal workstation; Making full use of space, this bed will save a lot of space, perfect for small rooms; High-quality material and solid construction make sure the bed can withstand the test of time.


02 Use light colors to increase the sense of space

The color scheme of a small house is a key to determine the sense of space. Light colors like wood, white, and beige, with relatively high brightness, can increase the permeability and brightness of the interior space, giving a clear visual impression, while also appearing simple and concise, without the messy and superfluous elements, the feeling of openness will appear freely.

light color home

If you want to make the interior design a little different, you can add a little darker, brighter accents to make the space more layered, but remember not to add too many decorative elements, otherwise it will visually produce a sense of crowded, cluttered.

brighter accents

If you like to wallpaper the room, please remember that warm tones for the expansion of color, cool tones for the contraction of color, try to paste light, solid or striped type wallpaper, avoid dark wallpaper, so as not to make the space more depressing and constricted.

striped type wallpaper

03 Let good light expand the view

Adequate lighting to a certain extent can increase the visual space, so that people feel that the area becomes larger and higher. But now the city's floors are getting higher and higher, sometimes it happens to be more difficult to light the type of house, not a good layout, their homes become a "small dark room" in minutes.

Lighting difficulties, increasing the light source is a must, the light supply can not be less, not too dark, you can use low color temperature of the warm light. If possible, you can multi-source lighting, install downlights, light strips, wall sconces, both to reduce lighting dead ends, but also to enhance the interior aesthetics.

multi-source lighting, install downlights, light strips, wall sconces, both to reduce lighting dead ends, but also to enhance the interior aesthetics.

Transparent glass is also a powerful tool for light replenishment, you can consider more doors and windows with permeability or glass material, not only to increase the light, but also to improve the interaction of different spaces, very humane to use. If you choose the sliding form of doors and windows, space-saving aspect is even better!

There is also the same expansion tool, mirror! It can also be used to reflect light, lending light to where you need it, while allowing people to form a visual error, feeling the space instantly doubled! Not only in the bathroom, but also can be installed in the entrance, living and dining room walls, bedrooms and other places.

 mirror can also be used to reflect light

04 Minimize the hard division of areas

Small house space is already small, excessive emphasis on regional divisions will appear more narrow areas. In particular, some people like to use walls to partition, which is a great waste of space but also crowded.

Partition walls make for wasted space

You can consider more open and space interactive layout, knock down all the walls that can be hit, use color, furniture, etc. to do space distinction, such as kitchen bar partition, eating more convenient, and conducive to communication with the family.

open and space interactive layout

There are also three-dimensional cabinet partitions, increasing storage space while also enhancing the taste.

If you do not want to use physical partitions, you can also divide the area by the color of the ground and walls, but be sure to keep the color coordination, and do not use too much decoration, otherwise it will be counterproductive and make the home look more cluttered.

 divide the area by the color of the wall

05 Hide clutter to relieve space pressure

A cluttered environment can make a house look crowded. Small houses should pay more attention to hygiene and neatness in order to maximize the visual burden of the occupants and restore a fresh vision.

Sogeshome has written an article dedicated to how to do effective storage.

But good storage is not so simple, to do a reasonable degree, excessive storage will only make the space more dense. For small homes, storage space than the wall protrudes too much, easy to cause a sense of oppression, recommended built-in cabinets, facade overhanging wall cabinets, card holders such as design, will not be more than the wall protrusion, but also a key to open multi-functional storage mode.

 built-in cabinets and facade overhanging wall cabinets

And some inconspicuous gaps, behind the cabinet doors, cabinet corner locations, can also be used. These places can be installed partitions, storage shelves, not only does not take up extra space, but also can enhance the storage capacity of small homes.

 installed partitions and storage shelves

After a busy day of work, we all want to come home to a comfortable living space. Take note of these tips, in the limited space, so that every inch of space is effectively used, no matter what kind of small house, you can have a high quality of life!

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