How to Pick the Right Bed?

How to Pick the Right Bed?

The bed is usually the most beaten piece of furniture in the bedroom. As the visual focal point of the bedroom, the bed will have an important impact on the style of the bedroom. But never just consider whether it looks good or not, the first criterion for choosing a bed is always comfort.

1. Determine the Size of The Bed

When choosing a bed, the first issue to consider is the size of the bed. Measurements to determine how much floor space is available in the bedroom, and then according to the measurements to purchase the largest bed that can be easily placed in the bedroom. In general, the length of the bed should be 10 to 15 cm longer than the tallest person sleeping in this bed.

2. Select the Style of Bed Furniture

Generally speaking. A flat bed consists of a bed frame and a mattress. The mattress may be a hard board mattress or a spring mattress. The main consideration when choosing a bed frame is the style and material.

Ordinary flat bed: ordinary flat bed is a very common bed, the bed frame wrapped with fabric, usually also comes with storage space. If the surface of the bed frame is not wrapped in fabric, use a piece of hanging cloth to cover the bed frame. If you choose a bed frame with drawers, but also to ensure that the room layout does not prevent the drawers from opening and closing.

Four-legged flat bed: A four-legged flat bed looks a little more modern than a regular flat bed, and the legs are high enough to provide storage space under the bed. Four corner flat bed will not need to hang cloth to cover the bed frame, but the bed cover should be consistent with the overall style of the room.

Wooden bed frames: There are many styles of wooden bed frames, including elegant sleigh beds, romantic four-poster beds, rustic framed beds? (or slatted beds), etc. Solid wood bed frames are much more expensive than faux wood bed frames, but they last longer. There are many woods to choose from, such as cherry, birch, ash and walnut

Metal bed frames: Metal bed frames are available in both traditional and modern styles, with a wide selection of colors and surface materials, including antique brass and powdered metal layers. Usually the metal bed frame itself is already very decorative.

Soft package mattress: soft package mattress surface wrapping fabrics are fabric, leather or imitation leather and other materials. The type of fabric can be selected according to personal preference. Wrap fabric can not be removed and washed, so if it gets dirty, you can only wipe.

3. Select theType of Mattress

Choosing the right mattress is as important as buying a bed frame. Mattresses can be more expensive than bed frames.

  • Linked spring mattresses are made with coils that are tied together and move in unison, so the mattress can be evenly stressed when supporting the body's weight.
  • Spring package mattress is a little more advanced and more expensive. This kind of mattress spring when a separate bed in the bag, and the arrangement is very close, each spring package can independently support the weight of the human body, to ensure that the two people lying on the bed will not want to tilt in the workpiece.
  • Memory foam mattress can play a targeted role in support according to the weight of different people's bodies, the pressure generated on the mattress, and the heat emitted by the body. This mattress can avoid the user's body aches and pains.
  • Latex mattresses also fit the contours of the body and can disperse the pressure on the joints of the body. This mattress is less allergenic, so it is more suitable for those who suffer from respiratory diseases.
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