How to select a sofa color for your livingroom?

Sofa is one of the main furniture in the living room, if the color of the sofa is a good choice can make the home style to enhance a level. when we pick the color of the sofa, the first thing to think about with the overall style of the living room, want to choose a good color for the sofa, we need to master the four tips.

sofa room can not exceed three colors


Living room sofa, walls, flooring, curtains are relatively large, if they are all different colors, the whole space will look cluttered, no sense of unity.

The sofa color should be based on the overall color, and at the same time to comply with the principle of not allowing the entire living room color more than three, to ensure that the living room color consistency.

2.According to the color of the wall to determine the color of the sofa


Determine the overall color tone, comply with the principle of no more than three colors, which is the best way to determine the color according to the wall. According to the wall to determine the color of the simplest match is: the wall is a light color, the floor is a neutral color, furniture is dark.

That is, the color of the wall is the lightest, the color of the floor is deeper than the wall, the color of the furniture is the deepest, so that with the interior tone has a hierarchy, the overall vision will be more harmonious.

3.Sofa and curtains in the same color


In addition to the color according to the wall, but also according to the curtain color to determine. If the wall color is white, do not want a white sofa, you can be the same color as the curtains. This way the living room will have a similar color and keep the unity.

When setting the color of the sofa according to the curtain color, the same to comply with the above mentioned: the same space color no more than three principles. In the coffee table, accessories to properly match this principle, to maintain the overall color consistency, such as pillows and carpet color are to match.

4.Depending on the theme of the living room color


Sofa as the main furniture in the living room, first observe the living room wall and floor color, to determine the main color of the living room, and then pick the sofa style and color. Take the classic color scheme of Nikator sofa as an example.

Sofa color should be based on the overall color, if the floor, sofa, wall color difference, will make the space becomes particularly cluttered, no sense of the whole.

Before the walls, floors, and curtains three large areas of color block to determine, sofa color are difficult to choose. Because the sofa color to be determined according to these several spaces and objects.

A sofa, you can show your attitude to life; a sofa, can show your taste in life; choose the right color of the sofa, in order for you to immerse yourself in the quality of life.

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