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Modern home decoration-living room

Modern home decoration-living room

With the development of a diversified society, modern house decoration no longer only focuses on functionality. We have higher requirements for the quality and beauty of new house decoration. Especially the decoration of the living room, which most directly reflects the quality of our life. So, what issues should be paid attention to in modern home decoration design and living room decoration design?

1. Functional layout
In modern residential decoration living room decoration design, the layout of the living room space function is particularly important, especially according to the size of the space. If the space is large, the waiting room can be separated from the main living room, so that guests can communicate well and feel the guests. To and enjoy a higher level of treatment. At the same time, if it is a family with children, try to increase the children's activity space; of course, also consider factors such as lighting, comfort, and ventilation, and perfectly divide the living room into functional areas such as sofa area, coffee table area, TV area, and activity area...
2. Decorative effect
In the decoration design of the modern home decoration living room, you should also pay attention to the decoration effect of the living room, that is, the decoration of the living room should be determined according to the decoration style. No matter how beautiful and practical, a piece of furniture is placed in a space that is extremely inconsistent with other furniture. It is just a single individual and cannot be integrated into the whole. Therefore, we must also consider the integrity of the furniture, and the furniture styles are unified so that they become a whole and what they show is more prominent. At the same time, according to the family members' situation, personal preferences and functional requirements of living habits, the use requirements of the family members should be met, and the decorative effect should be achieved at the same time. As we all know, the living room is not only a public place for family activities but also a reception area. Therefore, the decoration of the living room should be spacious, atmospheric, and comfortable.
3. Green plant collocation
In the decoration design of modern home decoration living room, green plants are an indispensable decoration. Generally speaking, the green plants in the home are matched according to the decoration style, such as classical bonsai tree king, luxurious space with big rubber tree, etc ., to improve the decoration effect of the whole living room, and make the home space closer to nature and more Comfortable.
The quality of modern home decoration and the design of living room decoration directly affect the comfort and happiness of future living, so we must be very careful.

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