Multifunctional furniture-sofa bed

Multifunctional furniture-sofa bed

The sofa bed is an item of common multifunctional furniture. It can not only be used as a sofa, but also as a bed. It can do two things with one stone and save home space. Choosing a suitable sofa bed can make full use of the advantages of the sofa bed and avoid the disadvantages of the sofa bed. How to choose a sofa bed?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the sofa bed?

Advantages of sofa bed:

  1. Easy to use and save space

The reason why the sofa bed can be transformed from a sofa to a bed is because of its folding design. It usually looks like an ordinary sofa. It can be transformed into a bed with a slight stretch. It is simple to use and very space-saving, especially for For small apartments, the sofa bed is very practical.

  1. One thing for two purposes, suitable for both sitting and lying

The sofa bed is both a sofa and a bed. It satisfies our needs for sitting and lying. Spend one piece of furniture to realize the function of two pieces of furniture. It is uncomfortable to sit on the sofa for a long time while watching TV in the living room. As long as it is stretched into a bed, it is more comfortable to lie down.

  1. Convenient for family and friends to stay overnight

Usually friends and relatives visit and want to spend the night. If there are no extra rooms or extra beds in your home, you can only turn down your friends. However, if there is a sofa bed at home, it is convenient for family and friends to stay overnight.

Disadvantages of the sofa bed:

  1. Great damage to the spine and cervical spine

The sofa bed is very practical and convenient, but in fact there are many disadvantages. In order to satisfy people's comfort, the sofa bed uses soft materials for both the fabric and the inner core. Although this design is comfortable to sit up and lie down. , But lying on a sofa that is too soft is not good for bone growth, cervical spine and spine.

  1. There are many mites and bacteria

The sofa is the protagonist of the living room and is used most frequently. People usually sit on the sofa to watch TV or eat, which will make the sofa more or less dirty. In addition, when people go home and sit on the sofa, bacteria will be brought to the sofa. Over time, the sofa will become a gathering place for bacteria and mites. For people who sleep or sit on the sofa bed, the pollution of bacteria and mites is even greater.

Sofa bed purchase guide

  1. The size should be scientific and comfortable

When choosing a sofa bed, don't just consider the appearance and color of the sofa bed, its comfort is also very important, and this is reflected in the size. The size of each part of the sofa should conform to the ergonomic design principle, so that it will be more suitable whether it is sitting or lying down.

  1. The structure should be firm and easy to use

The frame structure is the "skeleton" of the sofa, and the sturdy frame is the basic guarantee for its firmness and durability. If the sofa bed uses a wooden frame, it is best to check whether the wood is smooth and clean. A good wooden frame should be free of insects, scars, and signs of decay.

  1. Fabric sewing depends on the details

At present, most sofas are made of fabric materials. It is best to choose a thicker sofa bed when purchasing, so that the product is more durable.

  1. The spring mattress should not be too soft

Since the sofa bed takes into account both the sofa and the bed, the quality and comfort of its spring cushions are very important. The softer spring mattress is not the better. A mattress with a moderately soft and hard touch can evenly disperse people's weight, strengthen the support for the spine, and relieve fatigue.

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