The best guide for buying sofa for small room

The best guide for buying sofa for small room

Our reliance on sofas is second only to beds and is known as the "second bed in the house". It is the most frequently used piece of living room furniture for watching TV, chatting and entertaining with the family. If you don't have much space in your home and want to buy a comfortable sofa within a limited budget, you should definitely read this article on the process of buying a sofa. Both the choice of sofa material, the matching and the form of arrangement must be set up in a sensible way.

Attach the purchase process first


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1.Determine budget and size

If you have a limited budget, you should always read the article carefully to understand the types and styles of sofas and reduce the cost of trial and error. Size is something that must be determined before you buy a sofa, whether you need to buy an L-shaped sofa, a multi-person sofa or a single sofa. Many people buy an L-shaped sofa, to find out that it takes up both space and is poorly used.

2.Determine the fabric

Leather Sofa $830.99

Leather sofa

Leather sofa is elegant and luxurious, some large villas also love it to enhance the overall quality, like American-style, industrial, the European style, Luxe Living style are more suitable for the choice of leather sofa to brown, black-based.


  •  High class. Available in both luxury and elegant, comfortable casual styles.
  • Sturdy and durable. Compared to fabric sofas, leather sofas are stronger and more durable, and easier to clean.


  •  High price. Good leather sofas are more expensive, while bad leather sofas are not durable enough.
  • Poor tactile feel. If you have pets at home, wrinkles can sometimes be unavoidable, affecting the aesthetics and the surface can be easily scratched.

Fabric Sofa $513.99

fabric sofa

The fabric sofa is light and soft, available in a wide range of colours and in new and chic styles, suitable for modern minimalist and Scandinavian styles. The recommended colours are white, beige, grey and other versatile colours. If the living room is finished in a single colour, brighter colours can also be used for colour jumping.


  • The price is low and affordable for the average family, without fear of causing too much financial burden.
  • Good texture. Fabric furniture has a soft texture and is available in a variety of colours and styles, making it ideal for home decor.
  • Removable and washable. The cover sofa is easy to clean and sanitary to wash and is good value for money.


  •  Prone to shrinkage. Cotton and linen fabrics are more prone to shrinkage.
  • Easy to get dirty. The fabric sofa is more likely to get dirty than any other material, so "people who are afraid of trouble" should choose carefully.

Solid wood sofa

Solid wood sofa is a traditional Chinese sofa, larger, more classical solid wood sofa armrests and backrests are carved with relief, quite classical characteristics.


  • Health. Solid wood furniture is made with less glue and no artificial additives, making it more natural and environmentally friendly than normal furniture.
  • Antique charm. The overall feel of solid wood furniture is atmospheric, rustic and natural.


  • High price. Using natural wood, its price is higher, especially for cherished woods.
  • Little choice. The choice of styles and patterns is also limited by the wood itself, leaving relatively little scope for selection.
  • Unstable. The stability of the wood depends on changes in moisture content, not to mention exposure to sunlight.

Velvet sofas

Velvet jackets and velvet trousers are no longer enough to satisfy the pursuit of fashion, and nowadays velvet sofas are also popular, silky to the touch, skin-friendly and soft, and with a sense of luxury from the ages. The nature of velvet itself, with its highly saturated colours, creates a strong visual impact and gives a sense of elegance and grandeur.


  • Silky to the touch. Skin-friendly and soft, bright colours, both vintage and stylish.


  • Less easy to clean, and it tends to attract dust and get dirty easily.

Rattan Sofa

The natural style of the rattan sofa is a symbol of casual living, it means being close to nature, rustic but not overly luxurious, and the comfort and convenience it brings makes people unrestrained and free.


  • Rattan sofas are generally common in the past years, it is the perfect blend of simplicity and elegance, so that a modern and classical sense of rhythm, it brings the use of not only a high-quality enjoyment of life, but also allows the use of a feeling of simplicity.


  • It is a "guy" who is afraid of heat, so you should try to avoid high temperatures when using it, and should also pay attention to moisture, otherwise it will easily bend and crack.

3.Colour matching

01 White walls can be versatile

The wall is white, the colour of the sofa is versatile, generally black and grey can be. If you want Scandinavian, choose the popular macaron colour. If you want to keep it simple, basically any soft colour will do.

If the walls are not white, you can choose a colour that is consistent with the walls, so that the sofa forms a separate space from the walls and does not clash with the colours of the other parts.

02 The same colour as the curtains

The curtains are also chosen according to the colour of the room, either the carpet, the furnishings, the floor or the walls, so that the colour of the curtains can be chosen to harmonise the space and match the tones.

03 Reference to the colour of the floor

If the floor is a light colour, you can choose the same colour as the floor to create a sense of consistency in the space. If the ground colour is dark, choose a colour lighter than the floor to emphasise the layering of the space.

4.Determine the style

01 Minimalist modern style

Simple lines, outline the outline of the home, light grey tone, not only makes the home unique style, but also brings a kind of infinite peace and softness. The natural texture of the leather is a high level of quality in an understated way, with thick armrests designed to comfortably support your hands and make you fall in love with every minute of your home.

02 Fresh Style $1,078.99

forest green tones of the sofa

In the city We always have a special yearning for green, which gives our homes an infinite amount of life and brings more design inspiration to match. The forest green tones of the sofa are fresh and warm, giving a sense of quiet time.

The living room is also decorated with greenery as an accent, as if to be surrounded by greenery, which not only brings life and vitality, but also makes the space more healing and natural.

03 Warm fabric style $487.99

grey techno fabric sofa

In the living room, the classic black, white and grey colour scheme creates a rustic and pure atmosphere. The grey techno fabric sofa with its compact coffee table has a minimalist look that keeps the space organised. The orange single sofa serves as a splash of colour, blending with the overall space and further emphasising the warmth and style of the space.

04 Colourful Style $670.99

colorful sofa

A single colour can sometimes seem boring, so it's worth using some bold clashing colours to "energise" your home and paint a colourful picture of your boring life.

The elegant clashing sofa and natural white marble coffee table complement each other, bringing a touch of soft clashing harmony and rhythm to the space, making the living room more dynamic and the space instantly glamorous.

5.Sogeshome cost-effective sofa recommendations

Adjustable Fabric Upholstered Folding Lazy Sofa Chair Sogeshome $81.99

Folding Lazy Sofa Chair

Advantages: This folding cosy sofa can adjust the backrest to different angles with premium quality materials and a sturdy steel frame. It's perfect for any living space.

Material: Made of Polyester and high resilience foam

Adjustable backrest: 5 Angle adjustment

Warranty: Half a year warranty

360 Degree Swivel Folded Chair Floor Lazy Man Sofa Chair Sogeshome $150.99

 Lazy Man Sofa

Chenille Fabric Surface Sponge Filling: This mattress has a chenille fabric surface and is filled with superior sponges so as to allow you to sit or lie on it with a more comfortable experience.

Four Position Available: This sofa could be adjust to four different positions. You could adjust the position as you like.

Rigid steel framework: This sofa is equipped with rigid steel framework and superior sponges, can bear max weight of 176lbs, combining comfort and robustness.

Widely Used: It is great for apartment dwellers, college dorms, family dens and when you're traveling or anywhere else space is limited. This chiar is cost-effective and could sustain for durable and long time usage.

Multifunctional Tatami Balcony Reclining Leisure Sofa Sogeshome  $286.99

Leisure Sofa

Multifunctional Floor Chair: very suitable for living room, bedroom, dormitory, tatami, and other purposes. Reading, playing games, watching TV, meditating, working by the bed. The folding deck chair saves storage space.

Feature: This beautiful folding sofa provides the flexibility and comfort you expect and is the perfect complement to the living room;

Function: The sofa reclining chair has three adjustment functions, and can be folded into different angles completely, which can be used as a reclining chair; This versatile folding chair is made of soft fabric and a high-density sponge for added comfort. Ideal for a lazy afternoon break.

Immediate Reply: If there are any problems with the product, please contact us directly, we will reply and offer a solution.

Contracted Variable Bed Sofa Living Room Folding Sofa Sogeshome  $484.99

Living Room Folding Sofa

Contracted Design: Sofa uses modern contracted style, giving the sitting room due to surprise. This modern casual sofa can be incorporated into a variety of styles and is suitable for all interior designs.

High Quality: Solid wood frame, bolt screw fixed, high-quality cloth, fine workmanship, so that the sofa can be used for many years.

Materials: Integrated seat cushion, high strength spring+ elastic rope+ thick sponge filler, give you a comfortable sitting position.

Immediate Reply: If there are any problems with the product, please contact us directly, we will reply and offer a solution.

Classic Upholstered Velvet Fabric Tufted Sofa Sogeshome  $517.99

Classic Upholstered Velvet Fabric Tufted Sofa

Button Tufting and Scrolled Arms: This sofa has tasteful scrolled arms to draw the eye in and complement the deep button tufting. To complete the chesterfield look, this sofa features scrolled arms. Not only does it add an air of class to the sofa and your room, but it also provides a more comfortable place to lean against while relaxing on your sofa.

Firm and Sturdy: Strong wood frame wrapped by supportive foam and durable, velvet, fabric, this couch offers great support with the weight capacity.

Comfortable Seat Cushion: fine velvet material, seat cushions filled with high resilience foam provide comfortable support for your body when seated, and easily regain their shape when you rise.

Perfect for Small Space: Don't lose style in your small rooms or compact spaces! Feature as tufted design, this 80-inch small couch adds mid-century charm to your small apartment, dorm, living room, or loft while its streamlined silhouette arms fuse together to make a modern look.

Reversible Sectional Sofa with Handy Side Pocket Sogeshome  $703.99

Reversible Sectional Sofa with Handy Side Pocket

Movable Ottoman for free configuration: The convertible sofa adopts a sectional design, so the movable ottoman can be used as footstool, normal seat and perfect complementary to sofa. It can be put on the left, right, middle of sofa, which extremely adapts to your room configuration and meets your different requirements. Put in anywhere you want.

Sturdy Structure with Plastic Legs: Constructed with hardwood frame, the sofa couch is durable to provide long term service time. It is sturdy enough to withstand a maximum weight capacity of 250 lbs/seat. Comes with thickened legs that will support you firmly and ensure superior steadiness.

Sponge for upgraded comfort: Both high density sponge and pocket spring featuring ultra elasticity bring upgraded comfort to you, whether you sit or lie in a relaxing position. Soft linen fabric with good tactility will offer your family comfortable sitting experience.

Handy Side Pocket: Side pocket design to keep small items within reach such as books, magazines, tablet, etc.

Space Saving: Small space reversible sectional sofa. Couch Dimensions- 82.6"L x 57.8"W x 35.5" H, Perfect for small apartment, upstairs loft and more. This sofa's inviting appearance fits well in any setting.

Sogeshome also has a very wide range of cost-effective sofas to choose from.


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