The Five Most Practical Home Storage Principles

The Five Most Practical Home Storage Principles

Items fall into two categories, those that are essential to life and those that enhance happiness. The space where the items exist determines their value. Use storage tools to keep things in order, then the value and beauty of the items themselves will complement it.

A storage tool to improve happiness

Our summary of the five principles of home storage will suit every family.

1.The principle of the appropriate amount of storage

 Shelves for wardrobe storage

Adjustable closet with shelves and fittings for free combination of storage space.

  • Daily needed clothes are placed at a height that is easy to reach by hand.
  • Classified storage
  • Add shelves on the uppermost level for infrequently used items.

2.Make good use of the corners of the room

Bookcase storage display

The best way to increase storage space in your home without increasing the oppressive feeling of living space is to make reasonable use of the corners of your house. Under the stairs, in the attic, under the floor... Maybe that's an exaggeration, but it's true. By using the space effectively, the amount of storage increases dramatically.

 3. Storage as close to the wall as possible

Additional storage space in the wall

  • Storing items that protrude more than the wall can make people feel oppressed. Therefore, in order to diminish the presence of items, you can choose a wall cabinet that is suspended.

sogeshome dressing cabinet

  • Combined with the mirror dressing cabinet, the mirror does not take up space, you can organize makeup and convenient to store sundries. Aesthetics and practicality go hand in hand.

sogeshome shoe rack

  • You can choose to shoe rack at the entrance.

4. Arranging storage according to the line of household activities

Storage needs to take into account the principle of housekeeping flow lines.

kitchen storage

  • The shopping line: the storage of ingredients should be closer to the entrance, so that large bags can be quickly placed in after buying.

Bathroom storage cabinets

  • The moving line around water: Take bathing as an example, due to the prevalence of wet and dry separation, the laundry room is equipped with a net basket for dirty clothes placement; the washroom is equipped with towel and dry clothes storage, which is convenient to take before showering.

5. Rational use of every inch of space

Storage space has been determined, how to maximize the use of it?

sogeshome Bathroom Storage Tools

  • Keep the washroom space neat

Contact lenses and other small items separated into drawers for storage, storage bags are essential, it is not easy to scatter, but also convenient to remove.

sogeshome kitchen storage

  • Kitchen storage technique

Place a special kitchen storage cabinet on one side of the kitchen, to classify and store kitchen utensils, which can greatly improve the convenience of use; the first layer is generally used for low-frequency items, the second layer for some more frequently used items, and the top layer can be used for the most commonly used microwave ovens, spices, etc.

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