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Top 11 Tips For Choosing Green Furniture

Green furniture is good for the health of the user and has a high cultural and technological content.

Here are some suggestions on how to choose them:

green furniture

  1. smell

Do not buy furniture with a strong irritating smell. Buy furniture can pull open the drawers, open the cabinet doors, check whether the stronger irritating smell, if there is such a feeling, it shows that the set of furniture formaldehyde content is seriously over the standard. Buying bamboo furniture will be very environmentally friendly. Bamboo furniture will not have any smell and will carry the fragrance of bamboo.

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bamboo furniture

  1. Edge sealing treatment

Do not buy furniture that does not do all the sealing treatment. Do not ignore the quality of furniture edge sealing, edge sealing is good or bad, not only affect the appearance, but also affect the amount of formaldehyde released by the furniture.

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  1. Choose a moderate product price

The price is particularly low do not buy. Do not choose a particularly low price, because generally the lower the price, the poorer the quality of the materials used, the higher the release of harmful substances. When buying furniture, you can choose some moderately priced brands, such as Sogeshome, Why choose Sogeshome? Because this brand is very reasonably priced to provide guests with the best life and a healthier life at a cost-effective price.

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  1. Certificate of conformity

Do not buy furniture without factory inspection or formaldehyde quality inspection certificate and instructions for use. Sign a contract at the time of purchase. This is the manufacturer's commitment to consumers, but also to provide the basis for consumers to protect their benefits.

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  1. Furniture use instructions

Do not buy furniture without the " Furniture use instructions ". Buy furniture in line with national standards, you should ask for the "Furniture use instructions" to see if the content of formaldehyde is indicated.


  1. Official contract

When buying furniture, consumers should sign a furniture purchase contract. A special point to remind everyone is that when buying furniture, be sure to add a clause in the purchase contract, if found to have indoor air pollution problems, must be returned and responsible for the cost of testing, so that once the pollution problem occurs, it can be resolved as soon as possible.

See more, compare more, choose the brand with quality and reputation guarantee is always right!

green furniture

  1. Environmental certification mark

The furniture industry is currently more recognized environmental certification, in addition to the internationally recognized ISO14000 environmental system certification, is the "CQC quality and environmental protection product certification" CQC quality and environmental protection product certification can make a comprehensive evaluation of the product's environmental quality. If manufacturers show other green product certification, we must pay more attention. It is recommended that the public in the purchase of "green" furniture, to see whether the product certification certificate has an environmental protection mark.


  1. Panel

Furniture environmental performance is mainly reflected in the plate, a good plate formaldehyde content is particularly low. Plate is mainly divided into three kinds, E2 level is in line with the standard, formaldehyde content of 10-30 mg / 100 grams; E1 level is in line with European standards, formaldehyde content less than or equal to 9 mg / 100 grams, E0 level is the most environmentally friendly world top standard, formaldehyde content less than or equal to 3 mg / 100 grams. If you have the conditions must choose more than E1 level, environmental performance is better.


  1. Finishes

Good companies use the plate finish is more wear-resistant scratch-resistant and do not fade, poor quality finish is not enough wear resistance, 3-6 months later will gradually fade and produce yellowing effect.


  1. Paint smooth

Touch the paint to be smooth, after smelling the smell, but also need to look closely at the paint. Paint is also closely related to the health status of the human body. Need to feel with your hands on a touch, when touching need to note whether the surface of the paint is smooth, whether the paint is wrinkled, there is no paint off the situation. Generally regular manufacturers of furniture, in terms of paint is done with great care.


  1. do the test

In addition, if conditions allow, furniture bought home, it is best to immediately ask a qualified testing agency to test. If there is indeed a problem, you should immediately take measures to strengthen ventilation, the use of formaldehyde adsorber, installation of air purifiers and so on.

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