Charity Furniture

Sogeshome is donating backdrops to non-profit organizations We will also donate tables to students in need and to people on low incomes, etc. If you are volunteering for some non-profit organizations or designer who work with non-profit organizations , orphanage, etc. and you need related furniture, Please contact us. Email:

Why we do this?

We always want to do something for the people who are suffering in this world. The Designers and Tony are in an alliance. Together, we can bring more meaning to the world, for example,Give the children in the orphanage the little gifts they want for Christmas and keep the smiling faces of their childhood. We are more concerned about their spiritual world. 

We provide free or cheap household goods to those on low incomes. After receiving the furniture they said that their home has changed a lot and they love life even more.

Furniture banks are local nonprofit organizations that collect donations of used furniture for direct reuse by local individuals and families who can’t afford to furnish their homes.We have partnered with this organisation to provide help to those who do not have enough money for renovation and hope that they will believe in the beauty of life in the future, no matter what difficulties they encounter

As furniture manufacturers, how can we forget to plant trees when we need to save the planet's resources for future generations?

This is a photo taken while helping the young entrepreneurs. Aurora came to us and said that it was very critical at this early stage of their business and that they needed some tables for their office space and asked if we could help.Tony has also struggled with starting a business and he empathises and offers his help.

The epidemic came out of nowhere and many people did not have time to prepare, so Sogeshome provided assistance to those who did not have supplies.

Once our designer Chloe was walking on the road looking for inspiration and saw a stray dog on the road, Chloe was so distressed by his appearance that she took him home and built him this little house with her own hands, naming him Cooper. Chole has also proposed to the company to find homes for all the stray dogs and to build them a house of their own.

This is the classroom we built for the children in the orphanage for free .We hope that the children will be able to change their perspective on their destiny through learning and understanding the wonders of the world through reading.

Perhaps we have all been touched by the bravery of the athletes at the Paralympic Games, and Sogeshome wanted to do something to help those with physical mobility problems. I don't know if you remember our overbed tables, many people loved them and we donated 100 overbed tables to people who needed them to make their daily lives easier.