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SogesPower Simplicity Dining Chair Set of 4- White

SogesPower Simplicity Dining Chair Set of 4- White

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Introducing our Dining Table Chairs: featuring PP seats and sturdy wooden legs. With a 220 lbs load-bearing capacity, they offer everyday stability. Easy assembly, aided by provided hardware and instructions. While maintenance is simple, slight color variations may occur due to lighting or display differences. These chairs combine functionality, easy assembly, and durability, perfect for enhancing your dining area.
  • 🥇Robust Construction: Our Dining Table Chairs feature durable PP seats and sturdy wooden legs, offering stable support with a 220 lbs load-bearing capacity for everyday use.
  • 🥇Easy Assembly: Designed for simplicity, these chairs are effortless to assemble. Detailed instructions and provided hardware ensure a hassle-free setup process.
  • 🥇Low Maintenance: With a straightforward design, cleaning and upkeep are easy, ensuring these chairs retain their pristine appearance over time.
  • 🥇Color Variance Note: Please be aware that slight color differences may exist due to lighting or display variations compared to the provided image.
  • 🥇Functional Sophistication: Combining durability, easy assembly, and practical design, these chairs are an ideal choice to enhance your dining area with both comfort and style.
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