14 Tips To Create The Perfect Overall Bathroom?

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If you want your new house’s bathroom to be connected to your bedroom, you should make the two spaces look coherent and visually achieve a natural, unified effect. There are many ways to achieve this, and there are a number of very clever ways to do this, such as using objects that are both practical and beautiful to decorate the bedroom bathroom. Here are a few tips to consider.

1.Hang a bathroom mirror


Hanging a mirror above the basin that is equal to the width of the basin will make the bathroom look more coordinated. If you install mirrored panels or antique glass on the entire wall, it will make the space look bigger. If there is a bathtub in the bathroom, you can also inlay glass or hang an oversized decorative mirror on the wall above the bathtub. In general, hanging a decorative mirror next to or across from the window will make the room very bright due to the light reflection effect.

2.Set the bathroom proper lighting


The bedroom can use soft mood lighting, but in the bathroom, the lighting should simulate the daylight effect so that it can be seen clearly. Choosing the right lighting will also make the bathroom look more spacious. Concealed spotlights can be installed above the basin, shower or bathtub. Adding auxiliary lighting around decorative mirrors also works well.

How should the furniture in the bedroom be displayed: Bedroom layout

3.Fully designed bathroom storage space

storage furniture

If the bathroom also includes a dressing area, then you need to make clever use of storage space. Open shelves are convenient for accessing items, and if there is space on the wall, you can choose thin wall cabinets with cabinet doors to store items that you don't want to put outside, and lower storage can be achieved through bathroom cabinets. 

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4.Determine the bathroom tone


If you want to make the bathroom look spacious, you can choose lighter tones for the bedroom walls to make the space visually eye-catching. If the bedroom tone is more understated, then you can use brighter colors or tiles with patterns in the bathroom to make the space look more vibrant, and you can also use items with gloss to subtly use reflected light to make the space look more spacious and bright.

5.Bathroom accessories

bathroom accessories

The bedroom should be a very personalized space, so the matching bathroom should also show personality. Hang some beautiful decorative paintings on the wall, put some chic bathroom supplies, or hitch a few towels showing contrasting tones, so the bathroom will feel warm.

6.Batheroom window decoration

bathroom window decoration

Bedroom bathrooms should be consistent with the decorative style of the bedroom, but heavy curtains or cumbersome blinds are inappropriate for bedroom bathrooms with little space, as the bathroom needs as much fiber optics as possible. Blinds should be made of the same fabric as the bedroom's curtains, or one of the colors of that fabric should be chosen. If the bedroom is designed in a modern style, the bedroom bathroom does not have to be modern. If there are window films or breathable windows that are perfect for bedroom bathroom windows, you may want to be bold and choose them.

7.Choose the appropriate bathroom glass for the shower

bathroom glass

The glass used to cover the shower area will affect the visual perception of the bathroom space. If the bathroom is not large, the use of shower curtains should be avoided as much as possible. For one thing, shower curtains tend to look cheap, and for another, they can make the space look confined. Likewise, decorative glass or frosted glass will visually divide the space in two, making the bathroom look smaller. The best choice is the ordinary glass that can make the view completely transparent.

8.Choose the right bathroom furniture


bathroom furniture

It is important to have the right furniture for the bathroom. If the bedroom is placed in the traditional style of furniture, while the bedroom bathroom is using a modern style of decoration, it will make the two spaces look incoherent. Therefore, any furniture in the bathroom should match the style of the bedroom. If necessary, you may want to make some modifications to the furniture, such as painting the furniture to improve the waterproofing properties.

When your house is a certain number of years old, if you want to give your bathroom a new look, but you don't want to replace the sanitary ware, or the flooring, or even the tiles, or change the layout, is it possible? In fact, it is easy to complete the bathroom remodeling project in just one weekend with very simple methods.

9.Replace the bathroom decorative mirror 

bathroom mirror

Hang some mirrors of different sizes and shapes on the wall, staggered in height, you can create a fashion effect.

10.Replace bathroom wallpaper

bathroom wallpaper

The use of moisture-resistant properties and PVC wallpaper with patterns can create a decorative wall, if a certain part of the wall on the wallpaper needs moisture and mold protection, then you can add a layer of glass paneling on top. But in a particularly humid area is best not to use wallpaper, or you can also consider the lower part of the bathroom wall tile, while in the upper part of the wallpaper.

11.Replace the bathroom shower curtain

bathroom shower curtain

Replacing the shower curtain can easily and quickly change the appearance of the bathroom floor. Please note that you should always choose a shower curtain that is machine washable.

12.Replace bathroom siding

Bathroom siding

Cover the old but solid wall with wood siding, and then spray a layer of paint on the surface of the siding to make it waterproof. You can install a very narrow wooden partition on the top edge of the siding, and place bath products on it.

13.Change the bathroom painting wall

bathroom painting wall

Painting one wall of the bathroom with different colors of paint can make it brighter. If the bathroom is small, you can use lighter shades of paint.

14.Replace the bathroom window decoration

bathroom window decoration

Redecorate the windows to present a new image, you can choose colored roller shades or window film with decorative patterns. If you use fabric to decorate the bathroom windows, make sure the fabric has anti-mildew effect.

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