3 best way to clean furniture

3 best way to clean furniture

Dust exists everywhere, all around, and if you don't clean your furniture in time, its surface will be covered with dust and look much older. So cleaning and maintaining furniture becomes our daily routine. However, in cleaning the same need to pay attention to some details, because if the cleaning method is not appropriate will bring a certain degree of damage to the furniture. Here are a few tips on how to clean and maintain your furniture. Under the hope of providing some cleaning strategies.

01 Sofa cleaning guide


Sofa as an important furniture in the home, the use rate is extremely high, easy to produce many bacteria and dust that are invisible to the naked eye. However, because of its special nature and difficult to clean, it may only be cleaned once a year, and different materials, cleaning methods also vary. Here's What No One Tells You About Sofa

leather sofa

Leather sofa: leather furniture looks very atmospheric and stable, highlighting the texture, clean up the leather sofa should not be wiped with hot water, otherwise the temperature will be too high and deformation of the leather. Available damp cloth lightly wipe, and then re-wipe with a dry towel to prevent direct sunlight and high temperature, it will lead to deformation, dry cracking and fading.

Tip: If you want to protect the leather furniture, you need to clean it daily, use a soft dry cloth to dust; pat its parts after sitting for a long time and return to its original state, in order to keep it intact and use it for a long time.

 fabric sofa

Fabric sofa: fabric sofa compared to leather sofa is more likely to hide dirt, maintenance and care of it is also very important: the

Sofa need to cushions and cushion lining need to be taken out in the sun slightly, so that the internal padding to a good fluffiness. Tidy up to pat from both sides to the middle, and then pat in the middle part so that the filling is evenly distributed.

For detachable sofa, need to look at the cleaning conditions, according to its cleaning conditions to choose from the wash or send to the regular dry cleaning company.

Fabric sofas are easy to dirty, leather sofas are easy to break, cleaning is difficult, but the cost of changing the sofa is too high. In fact, buy a sofa cover will solve many problems, not only affordable, but also make the original old sofa new, keep fresh.

Suede sofa

Suede sofa: looks difficult to clean, but in fact, it is also very simple, just prepare the alcohol, dry sponge, and a brush can be.

Alcohol concentration remains with 75% can be, the sponge spray wet, and then wipe back and forth on the sofa, stains can immediately clean up.

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02 Curtain cleaning guide


Curtains hanging in the window for a long time, very easy to accumulate dust, once a year to clean is bound to be rare. Before washing, we need to take it down and go to the open space to clean the dust on it, which will help the cleaning afterwards.

Cleaning: different materials of curtains need to use different methods.

Polyester fabrics: soak in cold water for 15 minutes and wash with a general synthetic detergent at less than 40°C.

High-precision fabrics: avoid biological enzyme-containing detergents, high temperature, shaking, brushing with hard objects, washing with neutral detergent in water or dry cleaning at room temperature.

Velvet fabric: can be dry cleaned, not recommended to be washed in water, avoid ironing.

Drying: curtains can not be exposed to the sun, because in the direct sunlight, it is easy to be yellowed or the color is light; therefore, in the process of drying, put it in a sheltered place to dry, can use the fabric of the dryer, please choose low temperature drying.

Tip: remember to take off the hooks, hanging rings, lace and other accessories when washing; wash light and dark colors separately to avoid staining; water temperature below 35°C to prevent shrinkage.

03 Carpet Cleaning Guide


Carpets are arguably the dirtiest place in the whole house and it is not easy to clean them thoroughly. In addition to regular vacuuming in the right way, a complete washing process cannot be missing.

Before cleaning, the carpet must be vacuumed to clean the floating dust, particles, and hairs; then use detergents and cleaning tools to brush the obvious stains, and then rinse extensively.

If you want to keep the carpet as clean as new, only New Year's cleaning is not enough; daily maintenance cleaning can not be less, need to timely stain, regular cleaning and replacement, in order to avoid the growth of bacteria, mites.

Tip: the above cleaning methods are applicable to the daily routine home carpet, the home area is too large or expensive carpet is not recommended to use the above ways to clean, need to send to professional institutions to professionals cleaning.

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