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How to arrange sofa ?

When chatting with a friend who is renovating, I inadvertently talked about the problem of sofa placement. Their living room is relatively long, but out of habit, they still want to put the sofa against the wall.

In the past decoration, we see the living room is basically a "hamburger" form, sofa and TV each side, and then insert a coffee table in the middle.

So, how should the sofa placed? I sorted out the following forms.

sofa in livingroom

1.Sofa + dining room

Living room has a horizontal, vertical hall, if the home is the case of the horizontal hall, you can use the sofa as a partition to divide the dining room and living room two spaces, so as to ensure the reasonable use of space, but also to increase the interactivity of space, chatting, watching TV is not delayed.

Here are two aspects need to pay attention to.

  • The size of the sofa: do not exceed 1/4 of the living room. also remember that small living room do not use a large sofa, too crowded. Large living room do not use too many split sofas, will be very much like the furniture store selling sofas.
  • Sofa and TV distance: the distance between the sofa and TV can not be placed too close, too close will hurt the eyes.

2.Sofa + desk

sofa place next to desk

Some people work under a lot of pressure, many people need to work late at home, consider designing a work/study area behind the sofa, office or tutoring children's studies are very good.

But consider the noise problem, the living room is the center of the family's activities, will certainly be noisy. For those with high environmental requirements, the work/study area is not a good place to design.

3.Sofa + partition

sofa added to partition

On the above-mentioned sound insulation problems , is not unsolvable, can be added to the partition. The equivalent of a separate room in the living room, improve space utilization, while also reducing noise interference. However, it requires a large space and is not recommended for small living rooms.

Taking into account the lighting and sound insulation, it is recommended to choose transparent material insulating glass to maximize the introduction of natural light, while also reducing the interference from the outside world to avoid distractions.

Note: The glass is fragile, it is recommended to choose tempered glass with strong impact resistance, or put on explosion-proof film to prevent accidental injury by glass fragments.

4.Sofa + bar

sofa and bar

Because it has been the habit, many partners may feel that the sofa is not against the wall empty, then you can choose to design a bar behind the sofa.

Both rely on, but also to increase the functionality of the space, party, relax, office, study can be achieved here. Have a little drink, chat, and let life return to simplicity and purity.

There are several points to note when designing a bar:

  • The bar is divided into short bar, high bar and normal bar. If not used as a dining table, you can choose the high bar and normal bar.
  • To ensure leg comfort, the lower edge of the bar should be at least 20cm in height from the stool surface.
  • In case you need to tuck the bar stool in, the depth of the counter top should be at least 30-35cm.
  • Common materials for bar tops are wood and stone, which can be chosen according to your preference.

5.Sofa + leisure area

sofa placed in leisure area

Life is too fast-paced, the nerves are always in a tense state, we need a place to put themselves down. If you have enough space, you can design a lounge area in your living room to relax and entertain your guests on a daily basis.

It can also be designed as a tatami mat, so when you are tired, you can rest for a while before continuing, and the practicality of the space is greatly increased.

6.Sofa + Kitchen

sofa placed next to kitchen

This design is generally more common in large horizontal halls and small apartments, which is often referred to as LDK. guest dining kitchen are open design, on the one hand to save space, on the other hand, also increases the interactivity, do not worry about a person in the kitchen "alone", at any time and family communication.

There are several points to note when designing an open kitchen:

  • Smoke: cooking smoke is not much or occasionally eat at home using a large suction hood is sufficient; if the taste is heavy, you can also choose to add a partition at the entrance, pull up when cooking, not only to avoid the problem of smoke, but also does not affect the aesthetics.
  • Storage: open space storage is particularly important, a mess is chaos. It is recommended to design into hanging cabinets + floor cabinets, space enough can also be added to the island, not only can serve as a western kitchen area, but also increase the countertop and storage space.

Want to know how to choose furniture for a small space kitchen? You can learn about this article -5 Steps To Choose Kitchen Storage Rack in 2022

7.Sofa by the window

Sofa by the window

The sofa is placed in front of the window with the best light in the living room, the remaining space according to their preferences to design, so that not only will not block the light, but also make full use of the space.

The greatest charm of design is to make space with more possibilities. As sofa placement in general, according to different habits and space to determine the specific design, so that the residents in the space can get the best relaxation.

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