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kitchen rack

How to choose oven racks to change a cluttered kitchen?

Abstract: The kitchen is recognised as a difficult space to clean up, and the longer you live in it, the more pots and pans you will have, and once you fall into the trap of 'ineffective storage', the less space you will have. This is where buying an oven rack is a great option. This is a great way to organise and make your kitchen look better. So how do you choose the right shelf? What types of shelves are available? There are actually kitchen shelves, living room shelves, bathroom shelves, and so on. How do you buy these shelves? The next step is to introduce you to the types of shelves and tips for buying them.

Principles of kitchen storage

You need to master some practical storage principles, two of the core ideas of which are sensible sorting and proximity

1.Sort them properly

Pots and pans are different sizes and should be stored in a cupboard next to the sink. Smaller items such as knives, forks and chopsticks are best stored in drawers, which can then be divided into sections to make them easier to access and to protect them better.

2.Keep it close to home

Dishes are fragile and commonly used items, so it's best to store them in a drawer under the hob in accordance with the proximity principle. As for the spices, kitchenware and appliances on the worktop, they should all be placed according to the owner's habits.

Materials for oven shelves

Shelves are available in a variety of materials and designs and you should choose the right one for you depending on the characteristics of the shelf.

1.Metal frame

sogeshome Metal frame rack

Shelves made of metal are suitable for placing in the gaps of furniture. Inherently small footprint, strong, durable and age-proof materials, metal shelves can be purchased for organisers that require frequent use. They have a high load-bearing capacity and can be used to store more things with small items such as baskets, hooks and bookends. These shelves are usually placed next to cupboards and can be used to store a variety of condiments. Stainless steel shelving is not only stylish and lightweight, but also has good corrosion resistance, so it allows the structural components to permanently maintain the integrity of the engineering design.

2.Open shelves made of wood

The great thing is that they are aesthetically pleasing and make the home softer. Exposed areas that need storage can be increased aesthetically with wooden storage shelves, which are best for small aesthetically pleasing items such as books and plants. However, the disadvantage of wooden shelves is that they are not easily protected from moisture and are very prone to discolouration.

3.Plastic shelves

The plastic shelves are colourful and relatively light in themselves, making them easy to assemble and move. The shelves themselves are not sharp and are particularly suitable for homes with small children. These shelves can be placed in the bathroom or in the cooking room, and the wide shelves have a lot of space to store a lot of items. The plastic shelves are not only very light, but they are also corrosion-resistant, ageing-resistant, rust-free, non-toxic, odourless, high-pressure resistant, lightweight and easy to construct.

4.Glass shelves

Glass shelves are generally used in the bathroom, these shelves are generally located above the sink, you can put the face wash, cosmetics, etc. on the shelves, so that both beautiful and stylish, but also to ensure the neatness of the bathroom. To ensure safety, you should avoid buying and selling glass shelves with sharp corners when buying such shelves.

5.Partition shelves

These shelves are safe and easy to install on the wall with just screws. You can install these shelves in your living room or study.

Trends in oven racks

1.Oven rack with wheels

Sogeshome Oven rack with wheels

The kitchen is the easiest space to become cluttered and getting an oven rack with wheels is a great option. This option makes it very easy for you to reach things without having to rummage around. And best of all, a removable storage rack won't create a sanitary mess, just move it out of the way when you clean up. With three levels of storage in the kitchen, rice cookers, fruit, vegetables, cups and utensils can all be easily stored and pushed away at any time without taking up space! More functions to use, please use your imagination!

2.Foldable oven racks

Sogeshome Foldable oven racks

The collapsible oven rack is very practical and easy to install. If you are moving house, it is very convenient to simply fold it up without dismantling it, and it is also very friendly to people who rent. This shelf also comes with wheels, so you can easily move it out of the way when cleaning.

3.Multifunctional oven racks

sogeshome Multifunctional oven racks

The oven rack and wine rack are combined in one unit, reducing the amount of space taken up by one item. For those who love wine, there is no need to worry about how to collect it. It is also easier to access the wine on a daily basis.

 sogeshome oven rack

The oven rack is integrated into the hob, moving the function of chopping vegetables to the rack and reducing the space taken up by the cooktop.

One rack can serve multiple purposes

The oven shelf can actually be used in other scenarios and we will give you some tips. If you have other ideas, leave a comment on this article so that more people can see your ideas.

1.Same function as a bookshelf

rack Same function as a bookshelf

Because the oven rack is so sturdy and solid, it can carry the same functions as a bookshelf and you can use it as a bookshelf in your home office as long as it is the right style, style and size.

2.Baker Rack for living room

 Baker Rack for living room

Have you spotted it yet? This shelf is the oven rack with wheels from the previous section, which can also be used as a living room storage shelf, placed next to the sofa. 

3.Baker Rack for the bedroom

Baker Rack for the garden

You can place the oven rack next to your bed or dressing table as a shelf for your cosmetics, books or other small objects. Of course, if you are going to do this, you should give preference to shelves with wheels.

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Some tips for using oven racks.

Tip 1: Use small things like shelves, dividers and drawers to divide up the functional areas

Tip 2: Keep frequently used items in the most accessible places

Tip 3: Decide where to store things according to their use

Tip 4: Drawers should be placed below eye level

Tip 5: Keep light things on top of shelves and heavy things underneath

In addition, your room will be tidier if you know what should and should not be left behind.

People also ask:

What items need to be kept?

1.Things that have been used by the family in the last year and will be used again.

2. Things that have not been used for more than a year but are scheduled to be used at some point.

3.Things that you feel you cannot throw away after careful thought.


What items need to be thrown away?

1.things that no one in the family has used in the last 2 or 3 years and are not scheduled to be used.

2.Things that are broken, things that cannot be removed from the dirt.

3.Things that don't fit into the hobby.

These are just a few suggestions for buying oven racks and for kitchen storage. Do them well and you will know the difference between effective storage and ineffective storage.

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